About Me

My background

I run an events company. I am an event emcee and write as a blogger for events and business related matters as well.


When it comes to business, I prefer to keep it professional and try not to talk bad about the parties involved unless they have done me so wrong that it’s up to a point I need to defend myself. Hence, this website is where I can ramble on about how pain in the ass some people can be. I can be fair, so if I do see the good and the beauty in people or things, then I will also acknowledge that. I don’t just see the bad, I see the overall picture.


I graduated with a Degree in Law, LLB. (Hons.) in United Kingdom for more than 10 years ago. So you can roughly guess my age and you know I’m not a young, naive chick. I also have a Diploma in Computer Science/Information Technology.


I have experience emceeing, being a model, singing, dancing, a bit of acting and I am musically trained (though I didn’t enjoy sitting in front of the piano and practise, to be honest). I also have experience writing lifestyle living blogs. I have recently picked up videography and can edit simple videos. I have been playing with photography and editing (Photoshop and those sorts) since young during the era where the trend of compact digital cameras were starting to be an accessory in the pockets of consumers and when the cameras started to be incorporated into mobile phones, but I didn’t make it my professional line. I am currently only active in emceeing as one of my paid professions.


Aside from running my own business, I have worked in corporate, multi-national, private firms and also start-up companies in United Kingdom and Malaysia.


The real me

I am someone creative born with different talents, some which I have been fortunate enough to nurture while I was growing up, and some which I have let go of. You know, as we age, we have limitations. As much as I would like to do what any 21 year old can do, my mind and my body doesn’t seem to agree though.


An example – tried practising intensive contemporary dancing for 7 hours a few days and soon enough, I’ll be squeezing muscle rub ointments non-stop to apply on my achy-breaky body parts. Ended up so tired that my rhythm is 3 seconds slower than others. The mind telling my body to move but the travelling signal is moving at 10kmph. I can still do my splits and lift my leg up straight so that it can touch my head. Not a problem. I have accepted that this is part of being human and aging. I have learnt to love myself.


I can be serious when it comes to business and work but at the same time, I enjoy laughing. It’s good to get the endorphins flowing. I have been awarded with the title “quirky” in my highschool magazine. That’s probably where the creative side shows – daring to be different. However, as I matured, I prefer the finer things in life. My style is a mixture of everything. To give an idea of what that means, let’s say style is like music genres. I like music from classical to techno, trance, pop, hip-hop, popular, easy listening, country and even opera but not heavy metal. I love silence as well.


What I love

  • Events
  • Emceeing
  • Food (though I’m allergic to a number of things like dairy, some types of seafood etc.
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle living
  • Wellbeing especially to ensure that I’m well
  • Fitness
  • To complain. Some people can keep quiet and swallow it but I prefer to let it out. Tried keeping quiet and I end up unhappy. Hence this is where I can rant. Let me express myself.
  • Good company – then I don’t need to complain because I’ll be enjoying the company.
  • Money. Don’t judge me and let’s be real – we all need money to survive. Even charity needs money to run.