Cutting Carrots

After breakfast yesterday, I spent my time cutting carrots. Not my soft toy named Carrots, but the real edible carrots.



I got a packet of carrots and I left it in the fridge for a bit too long, it started growing roots. I cleaned, shaved, cut, roundelled and batonneted the carrots. So many ways of cutting, I don’t remember all the terms. You can know about the cutting terms here.


Cutting Carrots


That will be my snacks. It’s healthy and good for eyes. Here’s a picture of some fruits I had for breakfast this morning. It’s mini bananas and jambu which my sister got from outstation. I just found out jambu is called”rose apple” in English.


Banana and rose apple

Duck Noodle in Chinese Wine Sauce and Mini Magnum Ice Cream

My parents tapau (Chinese for “take away”) this for my brunch today. It’s duck meat noodles. The sauce tasted like it was cooked with Chinese wine and it’s fragrant.


Duck Meat Noodles



This was for dessert – honeycomb chocolate ice cream. It came in a Magnum mini size. A bit small and would have liked more to saviour but also good in a way as it limits my sugar intake.


Magnum honeycomb chocolate ice cream


You're Unwanted

I learnt the term ‘debridement’ when I was healing myself and my wounds. Debridement is a medical term which means “surgical removal of foreign matter and dead tissue from a wound“, according to


When a wound is in the process of healing, there are skin that will dry up and became detached from your wound but still hangs on to the other part of your good skin, which is dead skin. I used to think that keeping these skin will cover the open wound up but it doesn’t as it kind of flap about to reveal the open wound. If I apply any medicine or moisturise the wound area, these dead skin takes up moisture or the medicine, hence I need to remove them so my wound can get the moisture and medicine instead. Sometimes these dead skin causes the wound to become infected as it doesn’t even protect the open wound. It’s basically useless.


Upon daringly removing those dead skin, dead tissue and dried yellow discharge from my wound, revealing a very raw wound where sometimes I can see the whitish flesh area in my skin, it was then that my wounds especially on my feet started to heal. My feet has been slowly but surely healing and improving, just some parts of my left feet is still not healing that well. I can proudly say that I have removed the second dressing from my right feet for weeks now and it can sustain with primary dressing from my hydrogel medicine.


So just like a physical wound on your body, there are matters in your life which might be troubling you and you should debride what or who that is causing it. Get rid of the unwanted in your lives. You’ll be happier that way.


You're Unwanted