WordPress Is Very Slow

I’m creating this post and it took me more than 20 minutes to finally be typing here. Firstly, my current hosting provider is already not functioning well and there was a downtime of more then 30 minutes. Being involved in tech and having a downtime with website not being able to logged in and no prior notice – it is a very grave mistake especially with technology moving very fast. 30 minutes is equivalent to 3 hours or even 30 hours. It’s not that I have no patience but some thing can be done real fast, which does not need to be dragged on while some things would need time. This is one of those that should not take too long.


Anyway, I wonder if other people are experiencing the same problem with WordPress moving so slow or it is just because my freaking internet provider is just damn pathetically slow. The speed is stated as 54mpbs. Well, welcome to Malaysia where we are moving towards a modern digital era and we do have very highspeed connections but the ancient technology is still very much alive here. Remember sitting down in front of the big ass computer, waiting for the modem to connect… Then to load a page on the internet. You can go to the kitchen, open the fridge, take an egg out, turn on the fire on the stove (cooking the old school way instead of electronic stove) and put the egg in a pot of water and then boil it. By the time your egg is cooked, your internet page is probably still loading. That was about 20 years ago. Seems like some things haven’t improved much and needs more upgrading. Now, let me go and play a game or see if that boiled egg has grown a chicken out of it while I see how long it takes for this to be uploaded.


*Note : Boiled eggs won’t grow chickens, in case you’re too intelligent that you don’t understand sarcasm.