New Year’s Emcee/Games Session At Y Food Box

At the beginning of this Year 2019, I was at Y Food Box at Gurney Drive to conduct an emcee/games session. Technically, I was there on New Year’s Eve (31 December 2018) and all the way until past 12 midnight so it’s considered the beginning of the year. 12am is when the fireworks go off right after the countdown and your brand new year begins on 1 January 2019, according to the Gregorian calendar.


So, this was what happened during the games session, which was recorded live on Facebook… (2 videos, Part 1 and Part 2 below).




For those who were there are the restaurant dining and those who came to see the games, I hope you enjoyed the emcee/games session. Thank you to those for participating and to Y Food Box for being the venue for, and for being a part of Myle Enterprise‘s PME December 2018 Giveaway event which was what the event/games session was about. I would like to say thank you to Y Food Box for this blog post too.


From New Year’s Day to Chinese New Year (CNY) day today, I’m sure many are having their CNY dinner now. Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year. If you’re in Penang and looking for a place to eat or drink, you can check out Y Food Box at Gurney Drive. If you’re coming to Penang to visit your family, relatives, friends or for a holiday especially during this CNY season which lasts 15 days, you can visit their restaurant which I will leave their information below. They serve Chinese cuisine, mainly home-cooked style so it’s pretty healthy and delicious. I would advise you to call them before you drop by their restaurant to see if they are opened and to ask them more about their Chinese New Year menu, if they have any. They have other branches in Penang and around Malaysia too, which you can take a look at our previous blog post for more information.



63, Persiaran Gurney,

10250 George Town,


Opening hours : 8am – 12am

(true as of time of posting this blogpost)

My New Dress Is Ruined

I need to save my dress or else I need a new outfit. I had this dress that I bought previously and kept it for when I have any occasion to attend or if not, I’ll wear it for Chinese New Year. It’s absolutely new.


I was preparing for my emcee session for Exabytes’ Malaysia Website Award 2017 on 27 January 2018 in Selangor. So, I took this dress out to be washed. With my current skin condition (which has now healed a lot and skin allergies reduced), I need to soak the clothes and wash before I wear them. It’s crucial for new clothes to be tested and cleaned prior to wearing. Some clothing brands/companies are amazing because their clothes’ colours don’t run and there is no chemical/dye smell on them. Some are just disappointing.


This new dress was probably soaked too long and it didn’t react well to the detergent because the colour on the faux golden crystal strand that’s sewn to the dress came off and stained the dress.


You can see a bit of the stains in the picture here though it can’t be seen clearly with the picture lighting. It’s more apparent in real life.



Here’s a closer view of the stains on one of the areas of the dress.



So shiny. I look at the picture my eyes also “bling-bling”. *Shine bright like a diamond…*



I searched for how to remove stains on clothes and vinegar with lemon is supposedly able to remove the stains. I’ll need to give it a try. I’m a tiny bit upset because I like how this dress has long sleeves and it’s blue, which is my favourite colour. They were the reasons why I bought the dress but now it’s ruined when it’s brand new and I didn’t even wear it yet.


I used to shop a lot and buy new clothes for any events that I’ll be attending. Then need the shoes to match and sometimes the handbag needs to match too (that meant more shopping). Nowadays ever since I run my own business, I stopped shopping unnecessarily. I usually wear new clothes for my emcee sessions and as for events, since I attend quite a number of events and organise events as well now, I don’t usually get a new set of clothings just for that. There’s always the beauty of sponsors as well. Ah well, so much for wearing clothes that I bought for my emcee session. I’ll probably need to go shopping or it seems like I have to reach out to sponsors now.