Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

It is Mid-Autumn Festival today, so I wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by the Chinese where you will see mooncakes and lanterns everywhere. They will use mooncake for prayers and some common items for prayers include pomelos, groundnuts and round purple sweet potatoes.


For the first time this year, my family is not praying at night to the Moon Goddess. Usually they will pray in the morning to the deities we have at home and then at night, they will pray again to the moon. It is believed that there is a Moon Goddess at the moon. Early this morning, it was raining heavily in Penang around 8am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet. I went to have a look at my parents’ side and found my Mummy frying fish in the kitchen which will be served for the prayers. My Dad happened to come home after that from the market where he bought roasted pork and chicken for the prayers. After that, they began their prayers. The prayers included some mooncakes. It’s nice to see this and this scene will go down my memory lane. I don’t know how long more I can see this.


Truth is, everyone grows old and at this age, you just don’t know when people will just pass away. I wouldn’t know if I will be here the next year also, because sometimes life is fragile or accidents happen or maybe people get sick. Such is life, we just go on living our life positively, hoping nothing bad happens to us or sometimes we ponder upon life and think about things in different ways.


Anyway, this year my Mummy made steamed yam with roasted pork, which is a dish she usually makes for Chinese New Year. She also bought new clothes to wear. She said when she was younger, she didn’t have time to dress up and look good because she was busy taking care of us children. Now that we have grown up, she has some time to look good already. Glad to hear that she’s enjoying her life. ūüôā


Steamed yam with roasted pork
Steamed yam with roasted pork that my Mummy made.


Last year was also the first year I learnt to sing a Chinese song. The first Chinese song ever in my life. Although I’m Chinese, I’m what they call a ‘banana’ – yellow on the outside, white on the inside. I can speak Cantonese and Hokkien and a little of Mandarin but I can’t write in Chinese. My first song in Chinese that I could sing was Teresa Teng’s “Moon Represents My Heart”. After that I learnt a few more Chinese songs but need the pinyin translation to read as I sing. Well, there’s many firsts in everyone’s life.



Here’s a video from Myle Enterprise for Mid-Autumn Festival greetings :¬†https://youtu.be/7Eaeq99A3cY



I hope you had a good Mid-Autumn celebration.


Enough Of Ramadan. Raya already.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is now going on with the first day of Raya last week on 15 June 2018. It’s a month long event.¬†I have been posting a lot of Ramadhan related posts and also about food previously. Then I stopped posting for a while. Have been on a break, taking a rest and yet also busy¬†with so many celebrations going on, from Raya open house visit to Father’s Day celebration, Daddy’s birthday, sister’s birthday etc. Even World Cup is going on now. Even if I’m missing from online life, my real life still goes on.


Too much of Ramadhan maybe ?


This Ramadan ?

Ramadan Sobhi Egypt football player
Picture from StokeOnTrentLive


This is Ramadan Sobhi, a 21 year old football player who is playing for Egypt’s national theme at this World Cup 2018. Look at him and some can buka kain¬†puasa already. Buka, open everything. Makan puas puas lepas puasa.


Ramadan Sobhi shirtless
Picture from http://football-hqs.tumblr.com/


Aiyo, buka baju, buka kain some more. Later all pengsan.


For me, he’s ok lah, quite good looking. I prefer his clean-shaven, short hair look. I still would very much prefer my Ramadhan food over any other Ramadans.

Ramadhan food buffet


Food keeps you filled in your stomach rather than just looking at footballer, for what ? See only, won’t keep you full. Not like it’s foodball. Of course, the best would be this…

Money Ringgit Malaysia


Money ! Anytime and over anything else. Got money, you can do many things in your life. Not being materialistic but being realistic. While it’s true that money should not be your sole purpose in life and we should value (some) relationships with people (animals as well), you can’t deny that we need money in life. You try lah, without money and you’ll see who’s left in your life. There are some people, even if you help them when they’re in financial trouble, they don’t help themselves or worse still, they are ungrateful.


One man asked me recently why I’m single and hasn’t anyone gone after me in these recent years. I told him I didn’t notice. He ask me, “Don’t tell me not even a single person has asked me out during these recent years ?” I told him I don’t bother to remember or notice because the first thing I think about when I speak to someone is to know the person and if it’s possible to do business with each other.


He said that I should stop thinking about business. So I told him to go and find some single men and see if they’re interested or not in me. Actually I’m not interested, if anyone is interested, then they should take the initiative and put some effort. My mind is set on money and business for the longest time. He was asking too many questions about my private life like how much my business makes, why I’m not married etc so I simply answer him. I’m not born yesterday and I’m not stupid to reveal my private life. It’s none of his business, really. It’s too invasive. Then he said I have no market already in the dating life. Fine with me, so I’ll just focus on business. Yet this is the same person who said I have no market and later on hinted to ask me that he wants love, and what he can do with me like hugging. What in the fucking shit is this. Don’t hint hint all, just be straightforward. Stupid fella. Orang macam ni, either you do business with me on a more professional basis or else sila pergi mampus. Thank you very much.

Mustika Rasa Buffet Dinner at Lemongrass, Hotel Neo+ Penang

Last week, I went to Lemongrass restaurant at Hotel Neo+ Penang for their Mustika Rasa Buffet Dinner which is for their Ramadhan 2018 buffet.


Hotel Neo+ Penang Lemongrass Ramadhan buffet dinner


Even though their Ramadhan buffet is going to end on 10 June 2018, which is soon, you can still visit their Lemongrass restaurant for breakfast. It would be best to give their hotel a call before visiting their restaurant in case they are not serving on that day. The hotel number is in the picture of the flyer in this post and also at the end of this post.¬†Their Ramadhan buffet is also available upon prior reservations only so if you are thinking of going there, it’s best to give a call to the hotel before going to check if their buffet is on for that night.


Here is a video I made regarding the buffet dinner I went to that night at Lemongrass : https://youtu.be/UtnmAH7YhKY


Their nasi briyani kambing (Briyani rice with mutton) was really delicious. ¬†The sauce for the roasted lamb was tangy-lishly tasty. Somehow if you combine the sauce with the briyani and eat it with the lamb, it tastes really good. I’m salivating thinking about their briyani with the lamb sauce. It was so good that I had 2 servings of these even after I had plates of other types of food.


No need to tipu-tipu malulah (translation : faked shy). I may be petite size that can fit into dress size 6 but I can eat. Some more this is buffet, so their buffet spread is for people to eat as much as they can. Takkan leave for the plates to display only. The plate can’t eat the food and you wouldn’t want to leave the food there until it gets fermented. Only if busy or not convenient to eat, then I won’t be eating much. If buffet, sila makan lebih, if not the food will be wasted.


They recommended their chicken tomyam soup which I included in the video for you to see. I don’t want to eat spicy food, so I tried their sup ayam (chicken soup) instead. Their chicken soup was tasty too and reminded me of the famous sup kambing (mutton soup) that you can find at well-known nasi kandar stores in Penang. Their chicken satay was nicely made and tasted alright.


I like how they presented their dessert section which looked fancy with changing colourful lightings shining on them. It’s like you’re at the dance floor. You can do some dance moves while choosing what dessert to eat. They had ice-cream as well at their dessert section. The only problem was that I chose a secluded area to sit at, near the dessert area because I like the privacy but the air-conditioning wasn’t turned on, so it was a bit hot, so I had to change seats. After moving to somewhere in the middle of the restaurant, it was comfortable in terms of temperature as their air-con was turned on but it was a bit noisy as they started re-arranging the place a bit too early before the actual buffet ended.


Ambience is as important as food, especially being in events, I understand this concept. While it’s true that some good food can be found in the streets but at this moment with skin condition that can’t stand too warm places, I have limited tolerance for such places which would not let me enjoy my food there. At this Lemongrass’ buffet, you can enjoy the local delicacies in a better setting, which these food would normally be served at stalls or shops that do not have air-con installed or turned on. These few days, Malaysian have been seeing a lot of news in the internet about nasi kandar places being closed down for lack of hygiene reasons. Lemongrass is clean and has no flies at their buffet and seating area, so it’s a better place to have your local dishes.


Overall it was good in terms of food where they had a decent choice of food spread for you to choose from, with food suitable for ramadhan (e.g. satay, briyani, lamb, buah kurma) and also suitable as a usual average-sized buffet spread where they have local, Malay dishes, Chinese-style dishes, Indian-style dishes and minimal western food to choose from.



Hotel Neo+ Penang

2nd floor, 

68, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Penang.

04-255 1000

Currently opens 6.30a.m. -10a.m.