Created 3 Years Ago

This blog was created 3 years ago, on this month. Time passes by really quickly. Today also happens to be Agong’s birthday, so it’s a public holiday in Malaysia.


This is an e-greeting card created for Myle Enterprise’s social media, which is about today’s holiday :

Myle Enterprise social media e-card Agong’s birthday


If you like something like this and want it for your social media, do contact me here as I can provide this service to create visuals and short videos for social media aside from blog posts, then I can send you more details about my price packages.

Cutting Carrots

After breakfast yesterday, I spent my time cutting carrots. Not my soft toy named Carrots, but the real edible carrots.



I got a packet of carrots and I left it in the fridge for a bit too long, it started growing roots. I cleaned, shaved, cut, roundelled and batonneted the carrots. So many ways of cutting, I don’t remember all the terms. You can know about the cutting terms here.


Cutting Carrots


That will be my snacks. It’s healthy and good for eyes. Here’s a picture of some fruits I had for breakfast this morning. It’s mini bananas and jambu which my sister got from outstation. I just found out jambu is called”rose apple” in English.


Banana and rose apple


I tried a briyani set meal at a hotel in mid-November 2018. The briyani set comes with briyani rice, condiments and a drink. I didn’t like the spicy parts and spiced condiments which I removed but otherwise, I like the fragrant rice most as they made it non-spicy. Food in my stomach already and you can enjoy the picture instead.


Gurney Hotel's Briyani Set Meal