Cutting Carrots

After breakfast yesterday, I spent my time cutting carrots. Not my soft toy named Carrots, but the real edible carrots.



I got a packet of carrots and I left it in the fridge for a bit too long, it started growing roots. I cleaned, shaved, cut, roundelled and batonneted the carrots. So many ways of cutting, I don’t remember all the terms. You can know about the cutting terms here.


Cutting Carrots


That will be my snacks. It’s healthy and good for eyes. Here’s a picture of some fruits I had for breakfast this morning. It’s mini bananas and jambu which my sister got from outstation. I just found out jambu is called”rose apple” in English.


Banana and rose apple


I tried a briyani set meal at a hotel in mid-November 2018. The briyani set comes with briyani rice, condiments and a drink. I didn’t like the spicy parts and spiced condiments which I removed but otherwise, I like the fragrant rice most as they made it non-spicy. Food in my stomach already and you can enjoy the picture instead.


Gurney Hotel's Briyani Set Meal


Ching Ming Prayers (April 2018)

Back in April this year, I went for Ching Ming prayers and visited my deceased Grandma’s columnbarium.


I took a picture from the altar overlooking the view. Can see the statue of Goddess Of Mercy at the Kek Lok Si Temple.


View from altar Goddess of Mercy Kek Lok Si temple


I decorated the prayer tables for both my maternal and paternal deceased grandparents’ tables. They were the only ones with the decorations, so they were special. I was too busy decorating and praying after that, I didn’t have time to take pictures. Sometimes when looking through pictures, have pictures that you don’t want but the pictures you want are not there. Only took pictures while making the white flower deco the night before.


White Flower Deco


After that, before going home, had ice cream as they had a few snack and drinks stalls there.


Magnum White Almond ice cream


This is Carrots with Magnum White Almond ice cream. That’s like Carrots’ little seat in the car. 😆


Carrots with Magnum White Almond ice cream