My Company’s Website Has Been Messed Up

I am absolutely disappointed and upset with the company that is providing the hosting for my company’s website. The upgrade of my company’s website is supposed to integrate my blog and my website into one platform. They just messed it up and now their technical support team advise me to separate the blog into a different site apart from my website. In the first place, their marketing person were the one who gave the advise to use WordPress to create the website and the blog can be shown in the website itself. My blog posts can’t be shown in my company’s website now. Thank goodness the blog posts are still in the website (I definitely have backups of my blog posts) but it just refuse to be shown nicely in a webpage.


To me, regardless of whichever staff in whichever department of a certain company, then you’re all just from that company. To outsiders, who gives a shit about your internal department not being able to do a certain function. No one wants to hear your excuses that “it’s your colleague from another department who handles it” when you’re supposed to be providing support for issues faced by the user of your services/products.


The deal is this. The hosting is sponsored by my current hosting provider. I paid for my own domain names. In return, I give them advertisement and marketing in my website and social media. It’s not like they are giving me anything for free. I give back in return. In business, it’s some sort of a trade. From the beginning, they have received their worth of advertisement on my company’s website for their same amount of service/product given to me initially. They have received more than they gave actually because I threw in a blog post mention about their hosting and that blog post was also posted in my social media platforms, which amounted to much more than what their hosting package given to me was worth. It was only later that they upgraded my package and it was worth more. However, when they supposedly upgraded the package, it was then that more problems arise and their support for the website was worse than before. Shouldn’t upgrading means that it is better product, service and package ? It’s absurd !


I don’t mean to be an ungrateful bitch. I do notice that two or so of their support staff were helpful and gave good service. I need my website to be running smoothly and all the problems fixed though. When it’s causing problem and taking too much of my time plus energy to get something done which could have been done in an easier way had it not been for the wrong advises given, then I will be a real bitch about it. When you’re not providing the proper support and your services/products are causing damage to me and my company, I will REALLY be a bitch about it.


To make you understand my current situation better, let me give you an example of perhaps something that you can understand easily. Let’s say Missy gets sponsorship for clothes from a clothing company called Eleganto . Missy would be raving about Eleganto especially if their clothings are fabulous. However, if Eleganto’s clothes give Missy rashes, Missy would have the right to inform Eleganto and ask them to replace the clothes with the ones that don’t give her rashes. She can also request for Eleganto to pay for her medical claims if she saw a doctor for the rashes. If Eleganto doesn’t replace the clothes and still make Missy wear the clothes which give her rashes, then in my opinion, Missy can be vocal about it. She can rant about it, cancel the contract or sue.


I run a business, so I know that if there are complaints and if the fault is really from my company, I will bear the consequences and rectify it. There are, of course, some irrational customer(s) that just want to complain even if there is no fault but I do take the responsibility if the fault is really mine. I can see matters from both a consumer’s point of view and also a business point of view. I have dealt with some companies that are so irresponsible and they don’t keep their words. You’ll be surprised to know that some of these companies are big, international names from hotel, telco, clothing company to entrepreneurial types. Disgusting.


If only everyone and every company just carry out what they are supposed to do, then rectify problems that arise as best as they could, life would be so much easier.  I would prefer not to bitch about anything but somehow people take it for granted and give sub-par services/products or don’t keep their words. Why like that…


My initial website at actually showed all my blog posts as well as the pages I want (like about my company’s event services). So, I actually could have just pointed my domain to that website. It’s upon the advise of my website hosting provider and also after some consideration that I use WordPress. So, don’t go against your own advise albeit it is advise from another colleague of yours as I see all of you as one team.


Look, I’m not a young, inexperienced 13 year old anymore. I don’t just bindly follow every single advise given. I will take it into consideration before accepting it. I have brains and I use it. You might think I’m stupid and you can trick me. Think again. Oh, your brain is missing, is it. No wonder you can’t think. Sure, you might wrong me once and I just let it go. Not because I’m stupid but because I prefer to live my life in peace. I’ll be wary of those who have wronged me or prefer not to ever deal with that person ever again.


Back to my company’s website. At least the hosting company is replying and not gone AWOL but I would need all my websites running properly with no problem. Don’t drag the problem for too long. I have fixed some problems on my own. You’re dealing with someone who at least knows a bit about coding and CS/IT, so imagine if you needed to deal with a customer of yours who didn’t know anything about computer at all. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in that position. The agreement between the hosting company and my company is still in my hands. I would need to re-consider the terms. I wouldn’t enjoy dealing with something that gives so much problem when there isn’t a need and no proper fixing/support given. No one likes to ask questions and then left hanging without answers on the problem.


By the way, I draft most of my simple business agreements on my own. Putting my legal degree to good use. Referring to one of my previous blog post which talked a bit about my education past, Mummy and Daddy, I want to let you know that what I have studied for my CS/IT and Law did not go to waste. Don’t ever think that me leaving my legal or IT field is the wrong choice. Just let me lead my own life. Business is something I always knew I will go into someday and I am happy to be able to live this path in my life. I have actually imagined what I would be doing in my life and have arranged my life path in my head since I was young, even before going into college. Unfortunately some things didn’t go the way I wanted to; some out of my control and some due to my own fault for choosing the wrong things. Both of you didn’t need to force me to do or go into fields I didn’t want to. If only you all trusted my own decisions back then. Don’t go against me and there’s no point to salvage what is supposed to be in the past. Just believe in me and support what I choose in my life path from now onwards.


Website be fixed now, please. It’s just with the basic pages and I haven’t even grown it to be bigger yet, so there shouldn’t be so many problems.


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