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I can run events, do advertisements and marketing for your company, product reviews and those sorts. I can blog, create videos, take and edit photos as well as emcee.


If it’s paid review or job, I am professional as I have already mentioned in the “About Me” section. I will not complain about you, your services or products unless you have done me wrong (for example you don’t make payment when it’s due). If it’s unpaid review or promotion you are looking for here, then I shall exercise the discretion area in my brains and see if I shall be bluntly truthful or give it a benefit of doubt should your service/product not be satisfactory.  I don’t encourage unpaid review/promotion (don’t be cheapskate) as you have yourself to feed, so do I but if your situation is such that you are so poor that you have no money to pay, then we’ll consider and see. I’m not one of those who complain and say it’s not good even if the service/product were wonderful. I’m fairly logical despite being creative but I’m not dumb. I can sound like a real bitch here but if you haven’t met me in person, then don’t judge too fast.


So, if you dare to let me handle your matters or do a review, then keep in touch. For enquiries, please contact


When I am available.

Basically anytime I am able to view my phone and/or computer and access the internet. Of course, when I’m awake. I love my sleep.


There’s a saying “you can sleep when you’re dead”. If I don’t sleep, I will die from the pain of the after-effect and result of not sleeping where my body will be unhealthy. I’m speaking from experience and lesson learnt the hard way.