Going Bald

I went to shave my head today. This is the second time I shaved my head bald, though the first time there were still about half a centimetre or so left.


It feels so much cooler and if I sit directly under a fan, it can be quite chilly. It’s much better for my skin as the hair won’t prick my skin and irritate it. Besides, my shampoo was also causing my skin to crack.


My pretty hairstylist in the process of shaving my head.


You can see my bag in the picture above. It was given to me as my birthday present by one of my close friends a number of years ago. I used it once or twice, kept it and didn’t use it until recently. It’s not the prettiest looking bag but I find it useful now because the soft cotton bag feels soft on my skin and doesn’t aggravate my allergic skin condition. I can also easily throw it into the washing machine to wash everytime after I use it, by putting it into a laundry protection bag and I don’t need to handwash it. So good for my skin condition. Thank you to my close friend who gave it to me.


McDonald’s D24 Durian McFlurry


I was with Anelice today and she got me the latest McDonald’s McFlurry edition, which is the D24 Durian McFlurry. Thanks for the ice cream ! Anelice and I met each other when we modelled for a hair show a few years back. I’m considered retired from modelling, especially with my skin condition now.


The container for the McFlurry came a bit out of shape with the cover looking bent, as you can see from the picture I posted. The ice cream tasted good with enough durian taste and not too sweet except for the syrup part, which they didn’t put too much into the ice cream so it’s just nice.


I do take fast food and I’m not a total health freak. I’m not one of those who count every single calory I eat and get obsessive about how much I weigh everyday. Just because my blog touches on well being as one of the parts, doesn’t mean that I have to be a health freak. I just like to take care of my health, I believe that our overall well being is important and I’m an advocate for exercise because I love the good effect of exercising. I think a well-balanced diet is important where there is sufficient vegetable, fruits, protein and water intake per day. Fast food is fine by me, as long as I don’t take it everyday.


I have increased my exercise time and also the intensity of the exercise for the past 3 weeks after taking a break from constant exercise per week. The benefit is showing and my skin condition has improved much, though once in a while it will inflame when it gets too hot or the food I take doesn’t go too well with my body. It still will have episodes of inflammation and now it has the addition of hives (not cool) but overall, my skin has improved if judging it from a weekly observation period. I’m happy when it’s well.


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