Happy New Year 2018

This is the first blog post of the year. Fresh new year to set goals be it long term or short term, whether it’s for personal goals or business goals. Wishing a good year ahead with better success, better health, wealth and getting what is desired.


Here’s Myle Enterprise’s blog about New Year : https://myleenterprise.com/pmejune2017-ended-happy-ny-2018/


This website is in the running for Malaysia Website Award 2017, Site of The Month of December 2017’s Award in the personal category, so remember to vote here : http://www.mwa.my/2017/dec/m-y-leong-take-lifestyle-living-wellbeing-self-expression


My business website is also in the running for the commercial category and here’s the link to vote for our website : http://www.mwa.my/2017/dec/myle-enterprise-event-creator-event-organiser


Wishing you a Happy New Year 2018 !

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