Health Getting Better

It has been more than a month since I last blogged here. Life has been alright. Of course there are ups and downs, but nothing to complain too much about or is it too major a setback to stop me from carrying on. We will always have problems that occur in life but we just keep going.


Business wise, I’m slowly but surely getting faster as compared to when I was not well. I’m loving the apps and programs that helps me list out the tasks and to-do list, especially those that pop-up reminders. They are almost like the reminders and calender in the iPhone except that they have more functions and allows to synchronise with e-mails.


I’m still not back on par as how efficient and fast I was the first two years when I first set up my business but I have grown wiser in terms of making business decisions. Experience and time do help with knowledge on business. I still have more to learn and it will be a non-stop learning process.


In terms of health, I would say I’m getting better. The allergies on my palm hands are getting better, where I can now hold more items without needing gloves. I’m watching my hands get better and better everyday, I’m very happy. There are numbness on and off on my hands, though and I have to exercise them a bit more to get rid of this problem. Allergies on my skin and body is still there and I still need anti-histamine but it is not as dry/flaky as it was 6 months ago.


From my previous post on me falling sick, I have been recuperating. The fever and cold didn’t help to get rid of my skin allergies, too bad. I was staying at home and indoors for at least 2 weeks or so. I was handling my business matters online and through tele-conversations. No matter how unwell, business still goes on. Ideally a business should be able to run on its own without needing the owner there but at this moment, I can only afford to do that on project basis when there are funds/budget. I’m considered in between self-employed and business owner. So far I’m still alright to run it on my own and perhaps one day there will be a full-time team. In my current condition, I need to save myself and my health first; I don’t have the strength to handle other people. I am thankful for whatever help I can get.


Staying indoors for a while, I noticed my skin was starting to be less inflamed but when I went out last week and the week before for appointments, my skin flares up especially on the leg part. It’s like 2 weeks of healing with the skin getting better, then just 20 minutes outside and there goes my skin. I do enjoy going out to meet people and when I am home, I like my alone time and silence. Going out is frustrating though, with my current condition and it is tiring to keep my skin from getting worse, not to mention painful as well.


I was caught in the rain the week before last week as my car broke down at the petrol station after I stopped to fill in petrol. It was functioning fine the whole day when the weather was fine and when it started to rain, my car just didn’t want to start. My credit card couldn’t work at the petrol kiosk as apparently the pin was rejected. Then it followed by my car not being able to start. It’s like my car ‘merajuk‘(sulk) because it didn’t get to drink petrol. It began to drizzle before becoming a heavy downpour that time and as it was past 7pm, most car garage/workshops are closed. These are the downs and problems in life that can occur but we just deal with it and fix it as best we can.


Credit card wise, I called and check with the bank. Apparently the password was entered wrongly that caused the card to be blocked and pin rejected. I recalled that I keyed in the right password though but I wonder what happened to the card…. Got it unblocked and fixed. Luckily I’m one of those that likes to fill in petrol while I still have some petrol left and not leave it until the empty indicator turns on, so no problem with driving my car even if I couldn’t pump petrol that day.


Car wise, it was because my battery was weak. I actually sent it in to the car workshop just about 2 months ago to get it checked and fixed but I didn’t change the battery. The attendants at the petrol station pushed my car to one area where it wouldn’t take up the petrol kiosk space. A kind samaritan then came to help and jump-start my car. He was such a kind gentleman as it was raining heavily and despite both of us carrying umbrella, he was soaked wet. All those at the petrol station that time didn’t have any car jump-start cables and only this gentleman had it. One of the workshop owners wanted to bring a new battery to where I was as he said he can be on-call 24 hours but I told him it would be better to jump-start the car and have it checked at the garage before changing the new battery. If you are faced with this situation, another option instead of jump-starting is also to have the car towed but if you are towing the car to the workshop, then you would need to ensure that there are people to receive it at the workshop. It’s always handy to have your car workshop, car-towing company and foreman’s contacts saved in your mobile phone in case you need to call for car assistance during break down. In the end, car was pushed and jump-started, then battery changed to a new one, so my car is working fine now.  Thank you to all who helped.


I got wet in the rain too and was falling sick. I had appointments, blogging and event to attend the next 2 days after that but I could only manage to attend to what I can the next day and cancel the rest. I hardly cancel appointments if I can help it but I really was falling sick, with body temperature rising and dropping suddenly, like about to get a cold. I had some good rest and took more Vitamin C aside from my daily dosage. I managed to feel better and stopped myself from getting a fever.


I’m not function at my optimum level but I do what I can. It’s better to keep moving, be it business wise or personal life than to sulk about it and do nothing. Be positive and you will live with a better outlook on life.

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