I Didn’t Fall Sick

I didn’t fall sick, thank goodness. My internal immune system is still going strong. I am just feeling heaty and my throat a bit tight, that’s all. Nothing that coconut water cannot fix.


I like coconut water fresh from the actual coconut. It’s not always available though, not like I have a coconut farm at my place, so I had the coconut water in the box instead. It states on the packaged box that it’s 100% coconut water and that’s great. Packaged coconut water tastes different from coconut water fresh from the fruit itself.


After drinking coconut water, I had bowel movement and went to the washroom to get rid of excess feces. I already had normal bowel movements in the morning where I ensure I poop everyday. The coconut water gets rid of heat in the body and my skin will have redness and allergies. My skin allergies didn’t get any worse from before as my skin cleared up a lot and it wasn’t as inflamed as before, so it’s just about the same now. Apparently our skin is our largest organ and it functions like a third kidney. I would prefer to have the toxins flushed out of my body instead of keeping it in. It might look not as good on my skin as I will have inflammation but better to get rid of toxins than to keep poison inside my body and I cannot see it, then it might turn into something worse like some long term illness that can’t be cured.


Currently drinking this brand of coconut water. Tried their coconut and pineapple juice in a box as well and it tasted good but I like this original coconut water drink.


I took Strepsils lozenges, mild with honey. It tasted good and sweet with honey flavour. I only took it for one night as my throat didn’t hurt but was just feeling tight and uncomfortable. Last night, I took Chinese herbal candy instead. Sweet and soothing for the throat as well.



I had lots of fruits today. I had apple, papaya, blueberry, mango and banana. Banana, mango and orange are actually not too good if you have a cold because apparently it enhances the production of mucus. Need to eat it sparingly. Really love the tasty fruits.



I just have a bit of mucus in the throat, causing it be itchy especially during sleeping time. Just need to let it clear off and I’m going to be fine. It might be acid reflux, which I have read briefly about that if there’s mucus that causes itchiness during sleeping time, then it might be some form of acid reflux. I don’t have acid reflux the whole of my younger years. I will need to read more about this. For now, I’m just happy that I didn’t fall sick and I am getting better.


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