McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger

There was a lot of nasi lemak versions of food being created recently, from burgers to ice creams. McDonald’s even jumped on the bandwagon and have their own version of the nasi lemak which comes in the form of a burger.


Nasi lemak means “oily rice” in direct English translation. It is basically rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, which is usually served with cucumber slices, egg and sambal sauce (a kind of spicy sauce). Then the usual additional side dish to eat along with nasi lemak are fried chicken, anchovies with peanuts, keropok (fried crackers) and sometimes squid.


A few weeks ago after attending a talk event, I went to McDonald’s for my dinner which is very late at night and tried their nasi lemak burger. I don’t eat spicy food, so I asked them if the sambal sauce was spicy but the waitress at the counter didn’t know. She had to go and ask her other colleagues and they said that it wasn’t spicy. So I requested for them to remove the sambal and put it aside in a separate container in case the sambal sauce is too spicy.


This is how the burger looks like and that’s the sambal sauce in the clear container with spoon :

McDonald's Nasi Lemak burger


The chicken patty is not too bad in terms of size, it’s quite big as compared to the burger buns. There’s fried egg, cucumber slices and sauteed onion. The cucumber slices are kind of a sad case, only 2 miserable pieces. This is how the insides of the burger filling looks like :

McDonald's Nasi Lemak burger


I tried the sambal sauce, it wasn’t spicy and was sweet. It’s just a very tiny little bit of chilli taste in it, which is just fine for me. I like it when it’s not spicy. Sometimes when food is cooked with a lot of chilli, it masks the actual taste of the food and you can’t really taste whether the food is tasty or not. Not unless it’s like a curry or rendang dish where you need to have chilli in it, otherwise you can’t taste the actual taste of the food. Ask the cook to remove the chilli and you can test whether the cook cooks good food or not when you taste the non-spicy food.


Overall, the nasi lemak burger was alright and if included with the sambal sauce, it tasted good. I like that the chicken patty is big in size.

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