Meditating Again

I have just began meditating again after stopping for some time. I have been meditating since 9 years old when I first discovered it through reading my father’s Time magazine’s edition of a set of health books. I remember it was hardcover and came in a set of 3 books.


In one of the health book series, they wrote the steps to meditating. Initially I thought how was it possible to sit still, close your eyes and think about nothing or concentrate on an object. So, I tried it. At first it was hard but it gets easier and easier. It can also get longer and longer as time goes on.


I used to meditate in silence (I love it when it is total silence) and using beads. I have also used strings of wooden and also crystal beads, where I hold the beads in my hand. I like to do it before I go to sleep. I have also grown up seeing my Grandma and Mummy use the string of beads for prayers and they say prayers into each bead they rub. Technically it’s not meditation but it does help to clear the mind. Meditation has helped me improve my health mentally and physically. Now, I sit crossed-legged and I put on some meditation music.


My current meditation song is Powerful Pain Relief Music – The Gift Of Healing by Brainwave Power Music. My eczema and skin allergies has been more painful these few days due to my intake of seafood. Seems like I still have to stay off seafood as the after effect is not good at all. Previously I tried to train my body to take milk again and there was excrutiating pain like now but the after effect on my skin was actually quite good as the skin peeling were less than before. After that, I can drink Milo again. I grew up drinking milk and Milo but after my skin allergies worsened, I had to stop taking Milo as I was allergic to it. I’m so happy I can take Milo again. Not this time for seafood, though. Training my body to take seafood will have to wait until a long time more. I can still take fish, certain types of non-shell seafood and selective seafood with shells.


If you want to try meditating, you can begin with 5 minutes. Even if you cannot totally think of nothing, just sit in silence. It’s best to be in a quiet room without distraction. You can even try counting and taking deep breaths as you meditate. Then you can slowly make the time longer and as long as you wish. I hope you find the benefit in meditating like I have.



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