My Grandma’s Birthday

Today is my Grandma’s birthday in Gregoria’s calendar. For us Chinese, we have our English birthday and also our Chinese birthday because our birthdate in Chinese calendar is a different day from the Gregorian calendar. My Grandma has passed away many years ago though. She’s always remembered and I will always love her.


Some people will always be remembered in our lives forevermore because they left such wonderful memories. I found out that I can also forget about some people that I don’t want to remember. Probably because I treat them as insignificant and I just don’t think about them consciously and after a while, my sub-conscious mind automatically erased them. I feel better because I can move on easier with my life. If you have some sad or painful memories, I hope your mind also learn to erase those. You might have to face the truth and deal with it, but after that, move on and live your life happily.

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