No Cold And Fever For The Past 2 Years

I feel like I’m about to fall sick. Sick as in getting sorethroat and a cold. I actually haven’t gotten a cold or fever for the past 2 years. My immune system has been super strong internally. I used to have a weak immune system, whereby if anyone that I’m exposed to for long hours (for e.g. family members that stays with me) gets a cold, I will get a cold as well. Now, there’s no effect on me.


If I fall sick with a cold, it used to start with a sorethroat, body feeling really tired, then my nose will begin to run. Usually it comes with a fever and after that, my nose will start to dry up and get blocked up. It will then end with a cough. Recently I had swelling in my ear due to water getting in my ear and I accidentally damaged the skin in my ear, causing it to bleed. When I went to see the doctors, they asked me if I had fever as the swelling was pretty bad but I didn’t get any fever at all. They were surprised because they said usually with swelling as such, there would be fever that comes with it.


I wonder if this is the reason why my skin keeps getting inflamed and allergies coming out. It’s like my body needs to find a way to expel the toxins and if I couldn’t do it internally, it does it externally. I can feel my throat is getting dry now and body getting slightly lethargic but my skin is peeling less and it feels smooth. Could it be that the toxins are transported somewhere else instead of my skin and that’s why it’s affecting my throat instead ? If this is the case, then it’s like choosing between looking less appealing but letting the toxins come out through my skin or looking fine outside but having much toxins internally, with unseen ilness inside. Of course, if I get to choose, I wouldn’t even want any illness internally or externally.


I have just increased my dosage of Vitamin C by taking the soluble Vitamin C 500mg. I take the slow-release Vitamin C 1000mg everyday, which I feel helps a lot with boosting my immune system and also making my skin better. I’m thinking should I just let my body fall sick and then it might heal my body overall, internally and externally. If it can do that, then I would let it fall sick, go through the different types of illness (sorethroat, cold, fever, cough) and perhaps it can get rid of the skin inflammation I’m currently experiencing. I shall see how it goes tomorrow with my body, who knows the cold-like symptom might just go off.

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