Organizing Conventional Photos Into Album

I have some old photos in print which need to be organized and stuck into photo albums. Have been neglecting them for years and they were kept in smaller photo albums, all tied up nicely in a plastic bag. The small photo albums are the type you get when you print your photos at the photo shop. Not Adobe photoshop, but the real photo shop as in the photo studios/store in a real building.


I put them aside because I ran out of photo album space in my proper bigger sized self-adhesive albums. I finally bought a new album and can now get rid of the dust collecting on the bag of small photo albums. It was taking up space in my room, so it’s high time to put them all neatly away in my cupboard. I got mine at Popular bookstore in Gurney Plaza (31.5cm x 33.5cm per page) for RM28.00, which they normally sell for RM39.90. They are doing a sale promotion for some of their adhesive albums now. Do look out and ask the salespeople before you choose your album and queue up to pay because they didn’t state properly which photo albums are on sale or not. It would be helpful to state properly at your printed signboards which albums have discounts, Popular.


The albums on sale are actually pretty good-looking and decent quality. Mine has 20 self-adhesive pages which can stick about 4 to 6 3R-sized photos or 2 to 3 5R-sized photos per page. The standard size for photos printed in Malaysia was 3R but in UK, they only printed 5R pictures for me. They like the bigger picture.


My new self-adhesive photo album.


All the self-adhesive photo albums I have are refillable. However, the adhesive pages are not sold in any shops in Penang. Went to a few shops and asked them but they said they don’t sell them. Went online and found some that are sold but with the album cover. Those selling refillable pages are sold overseas and they cost almost the same, if not more expensive than to buy a new photo album with adhesive pages in it. Someone should import these adhesive pages and sell them here in Malaysia at a reasonable price. There would be people like myself interested to buy. If anyone has come across these refillable pages sold locally at a reasonable price, please send me a personal message as I would be interested.


I got used to digital photos as they are much easier to store and look at in a glance. The benefit of having old-school printed photos are, you’ll never worry about losing them right after you printed them, unless you misplace the photo and negatives. Negatives are what we use to print and wash photos the old-school ways in my dinosaur years, for those youngsters who have never seen one before. One problem I face with digital photos are they sometimes get deleted and can never be recovered while downloading from the camera or in the hard disk.


Back to the old-school style of photos where you can physically hold them in your hands and view them. Time to get organizing and sticking. Adios for now.


*Note : Unpaid promotional post. Popular didn’t pay me to promote this, so I’m not responsible for any matters that arise from problems faced by readers after this. Popular, advertisement for you, so any form of thank you ? 😉


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