My Grandma’s Birthday

Today is my Grandma’s birthday in Gregoria’s calendar. For us Chinese, we have our English birthday and also our Chinese birthday because our birthdate in Chinese calendar is a different day from the Gregorian calendar. My Grandma has passed away many years ago though. She’s always remembered and I will always love her.


Some people will always be remembered in our lives forevermore because they left such wonderful memories. I found out that I can also forget about some people that I don’t want to remember. Probably because I treat them as insignificant and I just don’t think about them consciously and after a while, my sub-conscious mind automatically erased them. I feel better because I can move on easier with my life. If you have some sad or painful memories, I hope your mind also learn to erase those. You might have to face the truth and deal with it, but after that, move on and live your life happily.

Eyes And Teeth Checked

I went to the hospital for check-up 2 weeks ago. It was for my eye check-up. I also went for dental check-up and teeth cleaning before that.


The doctor said my teeth have no cavities and is good. As for my eyes, previously I had swollen eyes and red eyes. Sometimes my eyeballs will be so dehydrated it can wrinkle up. It is because there isn’t enough moisture. The doctor thinks it could be due to my skin allergies that caused my eyes to swell up and become red. Now it’s much better and not red anymore.


The doctor confirmed that I have no cataracts and it’s working fine. I just have dryer eyes than usual eye moisture levels. I have short-sightedness and astigmatism, which is still here and I use glasses especially for driving. I used to use contact lens but have stopped ever since my eye were not well. My eyes are fine now, it’s all good.


I met an ear, nose and throat doctor who checked my ears because it was previously swollen. She said there wasn’t anything wrong with it even though there was a reddish lump which the dental clinic doctor saw and showed me using an enlarged video image, which they had a gadget to capture images and enlarge them live on screen. Yet the ear, nose and throat doctor can’t see it and said I’m just dreaming that I’m sick. Later a specialist took a look and she said the swelling was probably due to my skin allergies.


Hello, if I want to dream, I would definitely dream I’m perfectly healthy and able-bodied. I’m not a hypochondriac. I would prefer to live healthy and not have any sickness at all. Physical evidence can’t lie and those marks from my allergies are clearly shown.


I’m glad to know that my eyes and teeth are fine and working well. Good news. Always go for your health check-up to ensure any illness is treated fast before it becomes worse.

My Lunch

This is for my lunch yesterday.






2 pieces of cake…


Plus some muruku snacks. I love food. I used to eat to live but now it’s a good balance of live to eat and eat to live. However, when I’m busy, then sometimes forget to eat.