SuperTop Frozen Bbq Meat And Bacon

I tried the bacon and barbecued meat from a brand called SuperTop Frozen Bbq. They have a branch in Penang island, another 2 in the mainland of Penang island as well as a few branches around Malaysia.


Their bacon comes in luxuriously big slices, so you get more bites in each bacon strip. As for their barbecued meat (which is known as ‘bakwa’ in Chinese, also known as dried pork or Chinese pork jerky), it comes in short stick style and also the usual flattened wafer thin slices. Their barbecued meat is sweeter than some other barbecued meat available so if you have a sweet tooth, this is for you.


Sometimes people say eating meat or sweetened meat is not good. At the end of the day, if you overeat one type of food, it will be detrimental, even if it’s healthy food you’re eating. For example if they say eating cucumber is good for you and you eat 20 whole cucumber in a day without eating anything else, it will also not be good for your health as you will lack other nutritient in your body and the cucumber will become too cooling for your body. So it’s eating in moderation. If you’re not a full time vegan or vegetarian, consuming bakwa  in moderation is alright. Chinese like to bring bakwa for open house visits to give to the host during Chinese New Year or to give bakwa when they visit people during other times of the year.


Here is our video about their pork meat and bacon.




277, Chulia Street,

10200 George Town


My Mummy’s Bihun

During the weekend on Saturday, my Mummy cooked again for lunch. She made fried bihun. She included lots of other ingredients like fish paste cake, cabbage, carrots, pork meat and eggs.


Mummy’s Friday bihun with fish paste cake, cabbage, carrots, pork meat and eggs.


It looks like a small portion from the way the picture was captured but she actually made a huge pot. Delicious and healthy food. She didn’t put too much oil and it wasn’t too salty. Light on the digestive system. I had 2 huge portions for lunch and can’t get enough of it, I had more after that for dinner.


Here is a video I made about this.


My Mummy’s Chicken Soup With Wheat Noodles

My Mummy cooked for lunch today. She made chicken soup with wheat noodles and green leaves vegetables topped up with some chopped spring onions for garnishing.



She used used the whole chicken for the soup and included some herbs. The chicken soup was so sweet and delicious. No sugar added, so it’s natural sweetness from the chicken. The wheat noodle is also a healthier alternative than the yellow noodles. So healthy. Collagen boost from the chicken soup. Absolutely love it.


Here’s a short video clip about this :