Mōdere Brunch & Browse Event

I was invited to an event by my newly found friends, Sabine and John and I attended their event last Sunday. The event was hosted by them and it was their Mōdere Brunch & Browse event.


Sabine and John are expatriates living in Penang, Malaysia and they were previously staying in Australia. Sabine is German and John is British. Sabine promotes healthy living and she calls herself an “independent social marketer and live clean practitioner”. Both Sabine and John promotes and sells Mōdere products.


Mōdere is a brand selling, quoting their description in their website, “lifestyle essentials—personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed“. They have been selling for 25 years. Basically this company produces products that respects health and the environment where they do not use harmful ingredients such as sodium laurate sulfate, parabens and petrolatum, to name a few. They promote living clean.


Sabine and John at their home in Penang, Malaysia with their display of Mōdere products on the table behind.


During their event, they served some food, fruits, biscuits and drinks. Sabine made her quiche which was delicious and she also made some honey oats biscuits which I had with spoonfuls of yoghurt. She served me some herbal tea and water.


I spent some time with Sabine and John to chat with them plus get to know them better. They were real fun to be with, as Sabine and John are a jovial couple who like to make funny remarks towards each other.


Sabine is a cancer survivor and she also had a family member who was suffering from a long term illness, whom she managed to heal through natural remedies. When she was telling me about her believes in health and natural remedies for illness, I can relate and understand how important health is. I agree to natural products and supplements consumption for better health.


Commercial medicine that harms more than it heals is actually not good for health. I don’t deny that some medicine prescribed by doctors helps to decrease illness symptoms or heal some illnesses but it is important that these medicine were tested and ensured they do not cause harm more than healing. Take for example, the anti-histamines that I take for my allergies, they help to contain my inflammation and I was assured by my dermatologist that they don’t harm my kidneys in the long run. I don’t take steroids for my skin allergies because I noticed they don’t help to heal my skin and it’s actually not good for health. I tried the steroid cream previously but not oral steroid and I realise that the steroid thins my skin, making it harder to heal. My skin is actually much better without any steroid cream application and it can heal on its own.  I also use very natural products on my skin and consume natural products like coconut oil which helps to heal my health as well.


Talking about health and natural products, Sabine made a smoothie shake using Mōdere products for me to drink. She used a whole bottle of the Beauty Nectar, a bit of aloe vera, Hawaiian Noni, Mineral Solutions, Chocolate Protein, all of which are Mōdere products and also a bit of coconut water.



The smoothie was very flavourful. During my first sip, I could taste many different flavours, from sweet to sour, chocolatey to tangy and the after-taste of coconut water. After drinking a few more sips, I got acquainted to the taste and it was delicious. I couldn’t get enough of how rich and smooth the smoothie shake was.



The Beauty Nectar contains milk according to what I saw written on the bottle. I’m actually allergic to dairy but I notice that I can consume dairy without allergic reaction if the dairy is fresh (like fresh cow’s milk) and of good grade. If milk is included into food products, sometimes I can take certain products without allergic reaction. It might be due to how they process the milk or the amount of dairy content in the food product is at a certain level where I can consume without any allergic reaction. After drinking the smoothie, to be honest, it gave me a bit of wind in the tummy but it didn’t cause any allergic reaction. This means that the milk they use is of relatively good quality.


Update : Mōdere products no longer selling which I came to know about around end of 2018.

My Grandma’s Birthday

Today is my Grandma’s birthday in Gregoria’s calendar. For us Chinese, we have our English birthday and also our Chinese birthday because our birthdate in Chinese calendar is a different day from the Gregorian calendar. My Grandma has passed away many years ago though. She’s always remembered and I will always love her.


Some people will always be remembered in our lives forevermore because they left such wonderful memories. I found out that I can also forget about some people that I don’t want to remember. Probably because I treat them as insignificant and I just don’t think about them consciously and after a while, my sub-conscious mind automatically erased them. I feel better because I can move on easier with my life. If you have some sad or painful memories, I hope your mind also learn to erase those. You might have to face the truth and deal with it, but after that, move on and live your life happily.

Eyes And Teeth Checked

I went to the hospital for check-up 2 weeks ago. It was for my eye check-up. I also went for dental check-up and teeth cleaning before that.


The doctor said my teeth have no cavities and is good. As for my eyes, previously I had swollen eyes and red eyes. Sometimes my eyeballs will be so dehydrated it can wrinkle up. It is because there isn’t enough moisture. The doctor thinks it could be due to my skin allergies that caused my eyes to swell up and become red. Now it’s much better and not red anymore.


The doctor confirmed that I have no cataracts and it’s working fine. I just have dryer eyes than usual eye moisture levels. I have short-sightedness and astigmatism, which is still here and I use glasses especially for driving. I used to use contact lens but have stopped ever since my eye were not well. My eyes are fine now, it’s all good.


I met an ear, nose and throat doctor who checked my ears because it was previously swollen. She said there wasn’t anything wrong with it even though there was a reddish lump which the dental clinic doctor saw and showed me using an enlarged video image, which they had a gadget to capture images and enlarge them live on screen. Yet the ear, nose and throat doctor can’t see it and said I’m just dreaming that I’m sick. Later a specialist took a look and she said the swelling was probably due to my skin allergies.


Hello, if I want to dream, I would definitely dream I’m perfectly healthy and able-bodied. I’m not a hypochondriac. I would prefer to live healthy and not have any sickness at all. Physical evidence can’t lie and those marks from my allergies are clearly shown.


I’m glad to know that my eyes and teeth are fine and working well. Good news. Always go for your health check-up to ensure any illness is treated fast before it becomes worse.