Baking Day

Today is 16 September 2017 which happens to be Malaysia Day (though by the time this post is uploaded, it will show 17 September 2017. I have previous written about Malaysia Day in Myle Enterprise’s blog here in case you want to know what Malaysia Day is about.

I decided to bake today. It has been a long time since I baked. I last recalled I baked was in early February 2015, where I made chocolate-filled cookies in heart shapes for Chinese New Year to be eaten and also given away. I made quite a big batch and gave out a lot that year; from visiting work and business related contacts to people who came to visit me during Chinese New Year, new found aquaintances from organising events, of course family members get to eat and also the security guards at the place I stay because they have been so good to take care of my safety and my car. Those who ate my cookies that time should consider themselves lucky because I cannot bake anymore after that as my skin allergies came and my hands were so badly affected. You’ll never know when is the last time you can do something.


I used protective gloves to bake and I cannot simply use any gloves because I’m allergic to latex i.e. rubber gloves. I am so happy now that my hands are very much better and healed so much that I can bake again. They are not fully hüealed and has the tendency to peel again but I am really putting a lot of effort to fully heal them. *kiss my hands*


I made healthy pastries today with no dairy, no sugar and no preservatives added. I’m slightly frustrated with the selection of biscuits and cookies available in the commercial market – most of them contain milk as part of the ingredient. Milk is very cheap nowadays, is it ? Why do companies that make food and snacks keep putting milk into their food ? There are vegan and organic options for biscuits and snacks but they are more expensive and only a small selection can be found in commercial supermarkets, if any.


There, one of the catalyst to drive entrepreneurship is frustration with a certain situation that cause you to act upon it. However, it does not always work on me. I’ve long gone past the stage of “going after shiny objects syndrome”. After all, I have my own business in events already and it is best to focus on it. Besides, I doubt I want to bake everyday to make these healthy food options. I would, however, be an advocate for healthy food options with more selection of food and snacks containing no allergens with would be great especially for allergy sufferers like me. I would also want to slowly train my body to be able to take some of these food I’m allergic to. I used to drink milk my whole life growing up and I actually love it but I don’t know how my body actually began to reject it, then became allergic to it. I can take certain food containing milk which I come to realise that some companies use good quality milk which doesn’t cause me to become allergic.


I made turmeric pastry-like biscuits which melt and crumble when you put into your mouth. The feeling is buttery-like except this biscuit is made using no milk and butter at all. It’s an unusual flavour, turmeric, which is also my first time making turmeric flavoured biscuit. Curcumin found in turmeric is an anti-oxidant and has power anti-inflammatory effects, which is good for allergies.


In the process of making the pastry, mixing the ingredients together.


I also made mixed spice carrot mini-pies using fresh carrots. The mixed spice has cinnamon in it, which gives it a sweet taste without needing to add any sugar. It turned out pretty good as the carrots are moist in the centre but the exterior pastry layer was a bit dry because I used less oil to make it. It is also my first time making carrot mini-pies and I’m trying out my own recipes actually. All the previous recipes that I used to make last time has sugar as one of the ingredients. I tested and sugar is one of the components that causes allergies if taken in high dosages, so I’m trying to cut down as much as possible.


I used to bake since primary school because my family bakes for leisure. My Grandma used to make a lot of Asian desserts, my Dad used to try out baking cakes and cookies every now and then when I was younger and my Mummy cooks almost everyday up until now. Growing up, there were Kemahiran Hidup (Life Skills) classes during highschool where we had to cook their designated dishes to pass the subject. I couldn’t cook to save my life back then but I could bake. I had a really good cooking partner who could do wonders and I let her do the cooking.


When I went to University, I chose to learn to cook. I could have eaten out or order delivery everyday but I preferred to eat healthy and so I learnt to cook. I can now cook different dishes, from Asian to Western and fusion. One day I should try cooking Middle-Eastern cuisine but not now with my skin allergy not fully healed and I cannot be near hot places. Cooking involves being in humid, high temperature places and currently my skin can’t take it. Baking is still bearable as I can quickly walk away from the oven after I put the baking tray in and prepare the ingredients at another cooler place.


As for baking, I used to bake during the school holidays just for the fun of it. I like to find something to do during the holidays back then instead of just sitting around. I would bake during Christmas. For Chinese New Year, I would bake and make jelly. That was back in highschool, during my teenage years. The baking carried on occassionally after I left highschool. I’m not an expert but with the years of experience, I know enough to be able to experiment with my own recipes and cooking methods. For example, putting in more water in the cookie dough will give you what kind of consistency or putting less oil will give you what kind of result.


It’s the same for events, I may not have been in this events business for my whole life but with the experience since young organising events, I know enough to know what needs to be done to achieve what results. I may not know every single type of events’ schedule and requirements but I get the gist of organising events generally that I know how it should be done. At the same time, I don’t need to know every single part as I don’t need to go too technical into and it’s good enough for me to run it as a business. There are many different components to an event, from planning to event management to the set up (decoration, venue spacing etc), then there are the equipments like sound systems, projectors, video set up and many more parts to an event. I don’t need to know all the types of sound systems with what kind of amp or event lightings with what kind of volts if I’m not specifically providing only sound and lighting equipments. My business is in event organising, meaning the planning and management of the event which actually has more sub-divisions if you look into it.


I have came across someone who commented something which goes along the lines of “You’re in events but you don’t know about _______ [some event name]”. I didn’t reply with any comments then to this person but I should have just asked this person, “You have a human body, do you know which part of your brain is responsible for logical and complex thinking ? But you have a brain, don’t you ?”. There are so many events around the world and people can create any name for their events. There are also so many celebrations around the world. Did you know that there is a celebration called “Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day” ? It exists in the US, I’m not joking. I bet even some people in US do not know about it. I believe with time, I will get better and better in this event line and I will learn more about business. Being good in your chosen line of expertise does not mean that you’re good in business. I will learn more so that I can be good in both.


Anyway, I’m going enjoy my baked goods and I shall be experimenting more with healthy food options. Happy Malaysia Day !


Going Bald

I went to shave my head today. This is the second time I shaved my head bald, though the first time there were still about half a centimetre or so left.


It feels so much cooler and if I sit directly under a fan, it can be quite chilly. It’s much better for my skin as the hair won’t prick my skin and irritate it. Besides, my shampoo was also causing my skin to crack.


My pretty hairstylist in the process of shaving my head.


You can see my bag in the picture above. It was given to me as my birthday present by one of my close friends a number of years ago. I used it once or twice, kept it and didn’t use it until recently. It’s not the prettiest looking bag but I find it useful now because the soft cotton bag feels soft on my skin and doesn’t aggravate my allergic skin condition. I can also easily throw it into the washing machine to wash everytime after I use it, by putting it into a laundry protection bag and I don’t need to handwash it. So good for my skin condition. Thank you to my close friend who gave it to me.


McDonald’s D24 Durian McFlurry


I was with Anelice today and she got me the latest McDonald’s McFlurry edition, which is the D24 Durian McFlurry. Thanks for the ice cream ! Anelice and I met each other when we modelled for a hair show a few years back. I’m considered retired from modelling, especially with my skin condition now.


The container for the McFlurry came a bit out of shape with the cover looking bent, as you can see from the picture I posted. The ice cream tasted good with enough durian taste and not too sweet except for the syrup part, which they didn’t put too much into the ice cream so it’s just nice.


I do take fast food and I’m not a total health freak. I’m not one of those who count every single calory I eat and get obsessive about how much I weigh everyday. Just because my blog touches on well being as one of the parts, doesn’t mean that I have to be a health freak. I just like to take care of my health, I believe that our overall well being is important and I’m an advocate for exercise because I love the good effect of exercising. I think a well-balanced diet is important where there is sufficient vegetable, fruits, protein and water intake per day. Fast food is fine by me, as long as I don’t take it everyday.


I have increased my exercise time and also the intensity of the exercise for the past 3 weeks after taking a break from constant exercise per week. The benefit is showing and my skin condition has improved much, though once in a while it will inflame when it gets too hot or the food I take doesn’t go too well with my body. It still will have episodes of inflammation and now it has the addition of hives (not cool) but overall, my skin has improved if judging it from a weekly observation period. I’m happy when it’s well.


Tired Of My Sleeping Time

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I’ll let myself sleep when tired, regardless of what time. It’s hard to force myself to sleep when I’m not sleepy as I end feeling worse than if I didn’t sleep.


One thing good that came out of that was thaf I noticed my skin healed faster and was much better. What’s not good though is that my sleeping time is usually in the wee hours of the morning like 5am-7am and I usually fall into a deep sleep only at 1pm onwards. This is really bad for my work and business as I need to contact people within office hours. Thank goodness for those who can still be contacted after office hours. If only everyone’s working time is flexible.


I don’t like the feeling of waking up and thinking that I haven’t been able to get my things done due to my weird sleeping time. I realised I’m one of those who like my time and things planned especially when it comes to work/business. I have a habit of owning a yearly planner since highschool and like to jot down what I need to do or have done. Of course we now have the e-version with computer programs like Calendars with reminders and online apps to jot down daily tasks. Some things can be impromptu and I can be flexible with when it comes to daily life but I like my work scheduled out. There’s that orgasmic thrill when I have my things scheduled out and then carried out nicely according to the time set. Now, this is the part that makes me love event planning so much.


I have been missing hospital appointments. It’s like my life is a bit messed up. I don’t like this feeling at all. Yes, I managed to make my skin better by allowing myself to not stress over anything, put work aside for a short while (though I still ensured I carried out the general work for my business like replying mails and posting blogs at my business site) and sleep when I want to but I don’t feel good about not fully carrying out the work as I want to. There’s more that I can do like going out to network, making calls and more correspondences.


Many won’t understand how hard it is to have illness. It’s really hard to have a good sleep when I have eczema with my skin itching and even painful the whole time. Any contact on my skin will make it itch, dry and painful. Even the slightest wind blows on my skin and that’s it, it sets it to itch. Imagine how painful it is to sleep – I lie down, my skin comes into contact with the bedsheet and it’s painful. I’ve tried sleeping while sitting up, lying down, curled up with my face down on the bed, foetus position, crossed-legged and body folded to the front so that I’m lying my head on my knee to sleep and many more positions. It’s like doing yoga while sleeping. Luckily I’m physically flexible. I keep waking up every 1-2 hours due to the uncomfortableness of my skin condition. I wake up to blood stains on my bedsheet and pillow case due to my skin peeling and cracking. I spend my hours awake scratching my skin. I’ve tried applied medication, steroid, oral medication, music therapy and what not to stop the itch and pain but it’s only temporary relief. The steroid and medication doesn’t work after a while because my body gets immune to it. The only time I don’t scratch is when I’m meditating or focused on exercising. It gets so bad that I can’t even type properly on the computer and a simple post can take up a lot of time because I’m either scratching or I have to wrap my hands up before I can proceed to type.


You want to know what the pain is like ? It’s like having your skin cut up with a knife in different places all over your body, then having salt rubbed all over it, press the wound, then put water onto the wounds and let it sip the water in pain… then repeat the whole processs all over again within a few minutes.


So, tell me, how the hell am I able to carry out my business properly when I’m already struggling with carrying out simple daily tasks for example holding a fork and spoon to eat. I want to do more with my life. I don’t want to just sit at home and try to heal my body. As for the hospital appointments, they usually set the appointments in the morning and I’m already having difficulty sleeping, I can’t even get to the hospital. It’s as though we can only fall sick at a time convenient for the doctor to see us. If the doctor is not seeing patients at a certain time, tell your body don’t even think of falling sick and keep the sickness kept in until the doctor is available. Ridiculous.


I have tried making myself wake up earlier and use up a lot of energy by exercising longer than usual so that I can fall asleep earlier but it’s all in vain. I’ll nod off to sleep but then it will only last for 20 minutes and I’m all awake again until God knows what time it is in the morning before I fall asleep. I don’t think it’s insomia as I can go into deep sleep but the problem is I fall into deep sleep at a time when I would need to carry out office hours’ business work. I need to adjust my mind, body and heart to be aligned with each other. I’ll see what else I can do. For now, it’s still about healing my body and I wish the itch and pain will go away. I also would appreciate it if the people around me can just understand and don’t make stupid comments like “why are you always scratching”. I’m scratching because I like to see my skin peel and I have nothing better to do. Of course not ! If I can choose, I would definitely not want any allergies or illness. I’m fine with strangers I meet who would ask me what happened to my skin and I will answer them but I do not like it if the people that I always see keep talking about my skin condition every day or a few times a day as I do not need reminder about how unsightly my skin condition is. I can see it and feel it. I’m thankful for my family’s concern and helping me to lighten my daily burden like washing my clothes for me or washing the dishes after I’m done eating. Please understand my situation and do not make it worse. I would love to see my skin condition go back to a time when it was smooth and beautiful once again. So smooth that I would want to run my lips all over my skin and kiss it.