Carrots Dancing With Money Flower

Look what my toy rabbit, Carrots is doing in this video :  😆


It’s on Instagram too and I’ll post it here but sometimes Instagram posts don’t show up properly in WordPress websites.


Hotel Neo+ Penang’s Art & Soul Café, May & June 2018 Promotion

I went to Art & Soul Café at Hotel Neo+ Penang for dinner recently. They are having their May and June promotion now. They have some set meals for you to choose from. If you order their set meal, it comes with soup and their beverage of the month, which is lemongrass infused ice tea. Their set meals range between RM20 to RM25 nett per person.


Here’s their flyer regarding the promotion.

Art & Soul Cafe Hotel Neo+ Penang May & June 2018 promotion flyer


I made a video regarding my dinner at Art & Soul Café and here’s the video :


Check out their promotion and try some of their set meals before June 2018 is over.



Hotel Neo+ Penang

1st floor (hotel lobby level),

68, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Penang.

04-255 1000

Open 11a.m. -11p.m.


Gentlemen’s League

Last weekend, I went out for a drink and ended up at Gentlemen’s League. It was my first time there. The place looks nice especially with their renovation, their furnitures and decoration. Very posh looking.


Even their door looks so nice from the outside. You’ll have to press the panel to enter.

Gentlemen's League door


The lighting is slightly dimmed in there, to give it a posh and relaxed ambience.

Gentlemen's League interior


They have this chair in there that looks so grand. It was in a deep navy blue colour with gold frames and diamond buttons. So posh. Even the lamp on the table and the flowers in the black vase complemented the chair so nicely.

Gentlemen's League chair


Where’s Carrots looking at ? Hello, Carrots… the camera is in front, not so high up.

Gentlemen's League chair


They have these beautifully crafted coasters.

Gentlemen's League coaster

Gentlemen's League cocktail utensils


That’s their resident DJ Neil at the bar top counter. I haven’t met Neil for over 2 years already. When I heard him play last time, he plays good music and spins well. Caught him halfway talking and laughing. Look at the shelves behind him. Pretty nice, isn’t it ?

Gentlemen's League DJ Neil at counter


I didn’t want to drink alcohol, so I ordered a customised mocktail. They were short on one ingredient, so it ended up being more like a mixed fruit juice/fruit punch. A+ for effort on the part of the waitress. I joked with her and asked her if they served teh tarik (direct English translation : “pulled tea”. It’s basically milk tea which is stirred extensively and “pulled”.) there, to which she laughed and said they don’t.

Gentlemen's League mocktail drink


It is possible to go into an alcoholic drinking place and not drink alcohol. There’s always water, juices or soft drinks. There was a hot topic in the news a few months ago about some public figures in Malaysia being caught in a club and they were Malay. The said they were just drinking coffee in there. Masuklah club untuk minum kopi ye, macam tak da tempat lain lagi kan. So maybe some clubs or bars want to start serving teh tarik.

Gentlemen's League mocktail drink


That’s Dino behind me, followed by DJ Neil (with his head tilted to the left), James who is the owner of Gentlemen’s League (in the black blazer) and Wee Sin who works there. Neil asked us to give him an English name and he ended up being called “Wellington Worchestershire Damien”. Worchestershire like the Worchestershire sauce. Very English indeed and suitable for a place like this.

Gentlemen's League owner, staff and friends


That’s the waitress on the left who made the mocktail drink for me. So patient to cater to my requests. By the way, Dino (third from left) is the Sales Manager of Gurney Hotel, so if you need an event venue with a function room or ballroom in a hotel or if you have any hotel needs, you can look for him. This is a group picture of us at the end of the night, when they have closed. Nice place indeed.

Group picture at Gentlemen's League