New Year’s Emcee/Games Session At Y Food Box

At the beginning of this Year 2019, I was at Y Food Box at Gurney Drive to conduct an emcee/games session. Technically, I was there on New Year’s Eve (31 December 2018) and all the way until past 12 midnight so it’s considered the beginning of the year. 12am is when the fireworks go off right after the countdown and your brand new year begins on 1 January 2019, according to the Gregorian calendar.


So, this was what happened during the games session, which was recorded live on Facebook… (2 videos, Part 1 and Part 2 below).




For those who were there are the restaurant dining and those who came to see the games, I hope you enjoyed the emcee/games session. Thank you to those for participating and to Y Food Box for being the venue for, and for being a part of Myle Enterprise‘s PME December 2018 Giveaway event which was what the event/games session was about. I would like to say thank you to Y Food Box for this blog post too.


From New Year’s Day to Chinese New Year (CNY) day today, I’m sure many are having their CNY dinner now. Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year. If you’re in Penang and looking for a place to eat or drink, you can check out Y Food Box at Gurney Drive. If you’re coming to Penang to visit your family, relatives, friends or for a holiday especially during this CNY season which lasts 15 days, you can visit their restaurant which I will leave their information below. They serve Chinese cuisine, mainly home-cooked style so it’s pretty healthy and delicious. I would advise you to call them before you drop by their restaurant to see if they are opened and to ask them more about their Chinese New Year menu, if they have any. They have other branches in Penang and around Malaysia too, which you can take a look at our previous blog post for more information.



63, Persiaran Gurney,

10250 George Town,


Opening hours : 8am – 12am

(true as of time of posting this blogpost)

New Haircut For CNY 2019

Every year I will get my hair cut before Chinese New Year (CNY). It’s a tradition since young that I usually follow. It’s believed that if you have a haircut before CNY, you will have a good start to the year and you will have a smooth year ahead.


This year I went for my haircut at Theatre Hairdressing in Gurney Plaza 6 days before CNY. It’s considered quite early as last year I went to cut my hair the day before reunion dinner and the year before, I cut my hair in the afternoon on reunion day itself. A bit last minute and I was rushing as I wasn’t well, so had to rest as much as possible, then gather up whatever strength I have to get things done before CNY. At least this year I started off earlier as compared to the alst 2 years. It’s kind of funny because the few years before the last 2 years, I prepared for CNY sometimes a year before. For example, I buy my CNY clothes or shoes if I see any suitable ones and keep them until the next CNY then I wear it. Then I fell really sick and the preparation was just so last minute, I really didn’t like it.


If you’re wondering why would it be necessary for someone to buy new clothes, shoes and cut hair ? Well, I’m running a business and I need to be presentable. Besides, it’s just my style to look presentable when I’m out. I’m sometimes also at events and different places to blog, so I will be meeting people and it’s only nice to respect others and to dress nicely. Not unless I’m really sick and can’t dress up, being presentable is something I prefer when I’m out. At home is a different story, it’s more about being in comfortable clothes and wearing what I want.


There has always been people talking online about how they insult people who like to look rich but is actually not and those who are rich actually don’t dress up. While you don’t have to pretend to look rich in order to look good, at least look presentable. What’s the meaning of “looking rich” anyway ? Does it mean that that person has money sticking all over the clothes then only you can tell if that person “looks rich” ?


If you’re saying rich people don’t look good, then it’s not true. There are some entrepreneurs, businesswoman or successful people who dress really well and if you want to use Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg as an example, saying that they don’t look rich, how would you know what brand of sweater they are wearing and they actually look presentable and neat even if it’s a t-shirt. It’s simple styling but still presentable. You don’t see them wearing t-shirt that’s torn or look worn out (unless deliberate fashion to have holes in the t-shirt) when they appear in public. No one is asking you to wear your glittering evening gown out to go for shopping or to go takeaway food, but if you want, then it’s also your choice. Someone people just like to look extremely good while some just like it simple. The point is to look presentable.


Anyway, here’s the video taken after my haircut at Theatre Hairdressing. It’s also available for viewing on Facebook here.



My hairstylist is Kelvin and he said he has been working at Theatre Hairdressing for over 10 years. He told me that they are in the midst of changing their salon name to La Palma so in case you can’t find their salon, it’s on the 4th Floor of Gurney Plaza, the same stretch of shoplots as a shop selling cheongsam and another shop selling baju kebaya (Malay traditional wear). The haircut he did and styled for me is nice and turns out pretty cute, like a shoulder length doll-style.


Saw the hairband I’m wearing ? It’s the CNY hairband from Myle Enterprise which I wore in the video from my last blog post. It’s also suitable for Valentine’s Day. If you’re interested, you can purchase at and view more items there.


If you haven’t cut your hair and need a haircut before CNY comes, Theatre Hairdressing is still open until reunion day, 3pm in the afternoon. Reunion dinner and CNY 2019, need to look good to usher in a good year ahead.



170-04-52, Plaza Gurney,

Persiaran Gurney,

10250 George Town, 


04-226 8728

Fuss Free Online Shopping For Leg Wound Medication

Today I receive my parcel for my medicine purchased online. It’s also in time before my current medicine has finished. It’s a day to note down as this is when online purchase is done right and it’s fuss free. That should be the way.


From the selecting of products online,  to making payment, to the seller replying in timely and polite manner, to receiving the products as per the timeline mentioned. Making purchases online should be simple and ease the need to  travel to a shop to buy. Only minor problems are the online site that I purchased from didn’t send the messages through to the seller twice (don’t know if it’s Internet problem or their site got stuck) and because it was Thaipusam on Monday, so the post office was closed for the holiday, which made the delivery slower. No complaints as I received the medicine before my current medication finished. Some online shops take a few days to ship their items out, I noticed, despite them having their stock ready. I guess they need to pack the items into parcels/boxes and they might have a lot of orders. At least they state it clearly in their website how long it takes to ship it out.



One thing to note is that the time frame mentioned for shipping out an item doesn’t signify the days you’ll receive the items. For example, if they state 3 days to ship out the item, it means they will get the item ready to be sent by the post within 3 days. Then it will take another period for the courier company/ post office to send it out. If it’s fast, then the items will be received within the next day after the item is sent to post by the seller.


I’m gonna finish up my chitosan then it’s on to my new type of hydrogel for my chronic wound.


Currently my legs still need bandages but at least not as many bandages on the whole feet up to near ankle as previously. It requires secondary bandaging (gauze and all) as there’s still some discharge aside from the primary dressing (medication of chitosan or hydrogel that I’ve been using).


Medical Bandages, tapes for wound


My exercise was on a hiatus for the past few months due to my leg being in bandages, with only an exercise once in a week or two. Now I’m back to my daily exercise and loving it. I’m training my feet to flex, point and arch once again. Pretty painful. Just imagine I used to be able to flex it so well whenever I danced and exercised last time. I guess this is what patients go through when they go for physical rehab after not moving for some time. My feet and legs are as stiff as Steve Harvey’s weener when he has a full on erection. How would I know that, right… Well, if he has a fully functional weener, then that’s how dicks are like. 😁