Removing Stains From New Dress

Previously I wrote in  my blog that my new dress is ruined here. So I mentioned that I will try to remove the stains and I did give it a try.


I used vinegar mixed with a little bit of lemon juice and water.

Vinegar, lemon and water to remove stains


It didn’t work though. I rubbed it on the stains on my new dress, then let it dry. The stain was still there.

Vinegar, lemon and water to remove stains


I tried putting on the stain removal mixture onto the stained part of the dress, rubbed it with a cotton bud and then used paper towels to soak up the liquid. It didn’t work as well.


In the end I just threw the dress to wash and after washing, the stain was still there but it wasn’t as visible as before. It’s dark coloured, so it wasn’t as bad and I can still wear it out. I didn’t approach any sponsors for clothing or anything of that sort after my last post about this stained new dres. Malaslah.


Sometimes all these unnecessary correspondences, wasting time only, might as well just buy. Only if I have some time to spare or I feel it is necessary, then will seek for sponsorship in kind (meaning non-monetary terms). Better to use the time to go ask for something that can bring in money like business. Then I can use the money to choose what I want to get. That is actually a much wiser option. I don’t deny that I do fair trading (not stock market trading ya) with others like services or items in return for services or items but only if I see it necessary and beneficial. Otherwise, we still need money to survive in this world. We don’t stay in a country where there’s barter trading as our system.


Anyway, this natural remedy of removing stain on clothings using vinegar, lemon juice and water doesn’t work. You can try it if you want.  It’s vinegar and water in equal parts, then 1/4 of the lemon juice.

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