Super Long Zucchini

One day I walked into the kitchen and saw my Mummy peeling a zucchini.  It is super long.


Took a picture of the zucchini with a spoon as comparison so you can see how long it is. It’s halfway being peeled.


Long zucchini


Who has this length as their “private asset” is blessed and well-endowed. Long schlong. Most just fall short and is so disappointing. Some men like to make fun and comment on how small some women’s boobs are. Just look at your own penis first and see if it’s sufficiently long or not lah.


Women at least have a few body assets they can be proud if aside from boobs, like butt, face. Some men have short dick, ugly face, sagging big balls, no butt; semua pun tak ada some more want to make horrible comments about women. Sila buka tingkap and jump down the building. Do that from a higher level so that you have no chance of survival and don’t even think about jumping from the 1st floor, then you’ll probably get a broken leg and waste hospital’s resources to treat you.


Women nowadays have brains that can think and are intelligent. We don’t need to be subjectified to chauvinistic remarks. Sometimes people say no need brains, must have heart. Hello, which living human being don’t have heart? How do you live without heart ? You think like some science experiment lab rat where they are researching machines to replace failing human hearts ?


I’m not a feminist where there are some who are just very aggressive with their feminist views, but there are just some men who are too much and goes overboard with their actions and remarks. If you’re married, then keep your dick in your pants and don’t ask people to go to bed with you or want hug and kiss. If gatal, go and scratch yourself, don’t go and gatai this way.



Nowadays, women also can gatai balik, and make twisted remarks about men first, see how you all want to react. Want to run away? Run lah, see how far you can run. If you’re single then go and date someone properly. If not, go and take a knife and chop off your stick just like how that zucchini is chopped up after the picture… into many pieces.



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