Myle Enterprise’s Bespoke Alcohol Jelly Cake

Previously we posted a video of Carrots dancing with money flower here. What’s money flower ? It’s a flower made out of money.


Carrots with money flower


This is where the money flower which was supposed to be a decoration, was placed :

Myle Enterprise's alcohol jelly cake - customised/bespoke birthday


It was placed on the jelly. Some of you might go, “eww, the money is so dirty, how can you put into food ?”. Don’t worry, Myle Enterprise has thought carefully and made sure the money was wrapped in plastic at the base so that the part that touches the food is nicely wrapped in plastic.


It’s a different kind of cake and not your ordinary everyday kind of cream cakes. This alcohol jelly cake is a bespoke version of Myle Enterprise’s alcohol jelly cake where they use alcohol as one of the ingredients for the jelly that is presented as a cake. This bespoke alcohol jelly cake was created for a birthday. The jelly is inside a Chinese-style gold ingot and comes complete with a money flower decoration, Happy Birthday sign and knife. Chinese gold ingots are supposed to represent wealth, prosperity and abundance. The flavour is also a customised version, which is strawberry mead flavour. Mead is a type of alcohol made from honey, so it’s sweet and it’s supposed to be one of the oldest type of alcohol found.


Their usual alcohol jelly cake is priced at RM60.00 for a 6 inch round cake. They have 2 flavours for sale now, which are the orange vodka or the stawberry wine flavour. I wrote about their jelly cake before over here. For their bespoke alcohol jelly cake, the price is more expensive. Definitely worth it because more effort and money is spent to come up with the packaging and the cake. Anything bespoke won’t be cheap because it’s specially customised. Think bespoke, think luxury.


Why not have something different rather than your usual kind of cake ? To enquire about price (it’s bespoke, so I’m sure you can afford; money is not a problem like how some customers say) or get a quotation, please contact for more information.

Myle Enterprise’s Alcohol Jelly Cake

Have you heard of alcoholic jelly cake before ? There are jello-shots where it’s jelly with alcohol in it but how about jello with alcohol and in the form of a cake ?


Here’s Myle Enterprise’s alcohol jelly cake, which is basically jelly made with alcohol as an ingredient and is packaged up like a cake. They have a round, about 6-inches wide cake or individually-packed cake sizes (minimum order of 5 individual cakes) for sale. Both types are are priced at RM60.00 for each order. Currently they have orange vodka flavour and strawberry wine flavour.

Myle Enterprise Alcohol Jelly Cake
Myle Enterprise’s alcohol jelly cake.


This is a sample of how their individually-packed jelly cake looks like. It is presented like a cake form, just that it can be easily consumed by each individual as they packaged the jelly in single-person consumption sizes. This was for a Mother’s Day celebration order. Perhaps you can consider for the coming Father’s Day celebration, which falls on 17 June 2018 this year.

Myle Enterprise's individually-packed alcohol jelly cake.
Myle Enterprise’s individually-packed alcohol jelly cake.


There’s more information in their blog post about the jelly cake :


They even have a video ad for the alcohol jelly cake.


Do consider this for the upcoming celebrations, birthdays or you can even have it as a dessert. The jelly are usually made fresh per order, so you can let them know if you want the alcohol level to be strong or mild. Pretty cool, isn’t it ? Definitely something for those who like to booze. It’s like getting drunk eating jelly. Then if the traffic police stops you and ask “You minum ke?” (translation : “You drank, is it?”), you can honestly tell the police “Tak, I tak minum” (translation : “No, I didn’t drink”). That’s because you ate the alcohol.


Orders can be placed at Myle Enterprise’s website here :

My Sister’s Birthday

Today I celebrated one of my sister’s birthday with my family. It’s the second time we’re having a cake cutting ceremony for her birthday this year and it’s the third cake we’re eating for her birthday celebration.


Third birthday cake we are eating for my sister’s birthday.


Carrots joining in the birthday celebration.


While singing birthday songs to my sister whenever I pass by her during the night (just for the fun of it. She said my “radio is spoilt”), suddenly a birthday song came to mind. It’s by New Kids On The Block entitled “Happy Birthday”. It was one of my favourite songs in the NKOTB album when I was about 8 years old. This is the song :