Ice Cream Day On 13 December

It was Ice Cream Day yesterday. Here’s a blog post at Myle Enterprise which has a sorbet recipe. It’s so simple you can make it on your own. No need machine except the freezer.


On another note, I dealt with a few ice cream brands for the blog post. I am very disappointed with their internal handling of correspondences. These are what daily consumers who just go to the shop to buy their products wouldn’t know and they just know the part on whether the shop’s service is good or not. They don’t deal with the company behind their daily business of selling ice creams. There is more beyond that and if you look further, there are the management team and other teams representing the brand itself.


There was an ice cream brand that I was a fan of since young and preferred to have their ice cream as compared to other brands. However, through my recent dealing with them, I am disappointed with how such a big company like that couldn’t even decently reply an e-mail. One of their staff at their shop even showed me the e-mail he sent to the management where there wasn’t even a decent reply to their own staff even after many days. You might think that replies can take longer than many days but when there is a dateline to meet with a celebration coming up on a certain date, some decisions need to be made before that date. If there isn’t urgency, then the replies can be slower but if you can have the capability to make a decision fast, then why not. In this case, the staff I dealt with was polite and did his part based on the e-mail proof he sent me, though I can’t say if he really did follow up as he said he did as there was no proof. I don’t blame him for his management’s poor communication skills but it is the management that was terrible.


If it’s just an e-mail to inform something without needing a reply, then fair enough, no reply is needed. Then there are those that don’t need reply and yet people still reply. Then there are those e-mails that need a reply and decision to be made but then those people so pathetically cannot reply. In business, decisions need to be made and sometimes, though not everytime, at a fast pace. If they can’t make a decision, this shows the company and business can’t even have proper decision making ability. This brand just lost a fan.


Recently I also encountered a problem with my purchase at a relatively well-known supermarket where they overcharged me for an item which they stated the wrong price at the display rack. They had very poor customer service skills at their front-line staff level where the customer service staff doesn’t listen to their customer and can raise their voice plus their staff made a mistake with the pricing in their system. Their management level was efficient in dealing with the problems though and rectified the problem with good customer service added with extra care. This, I can accept and they haven’t lost me as a long term customer. Not only do I always shop at their place, I’m also a card member of their company. They have to do something with their staff and the image they have given me during my recent few visits weren’t too good as their staff were rude. Not all but some.


I’m not a super fussy customer but I like good customer service and businesses/companies that can have decent overall management skills. Big and well-known companies are expected to have good customer service with good management image shown. Not saying that small businesses don’t need to and they should as well but new small-scale businesses that are growing usually have teething problems.


Small businesses should be able to control their staff better to have proper customer service skills due to their size. I run my registered business on my own and only use freelancers/hire a team when my customers have budget. I have encountered terrible staff that do not to their job well, which I have ensured that I let them know to do their job properly on what they need to deliver before the job begins. So, I now eliminate the possibilities of this happening and use computer as much as I can instead of manpower. If there is any need for manpower, then I prefer to leave it to other people, vendors or suppliers which I deal with as a business to handle their own staff, so if they make a mistake, they will be penalized. This is my own solution to my business. I learn from my past mistakes and make my own business better.


Big companies have no excuse to have poor customer service staff and non-working system that charges their customers wrong pricing. They have the budget to train their staff and hire people with proper skills to deliver what their company needs. Unless these big companies pay peanuts… not surprising as I know some companies are like that. So they get terrible staff. As a business person, I prefer to deal with companies that don’t pay peanuts and have polite staff with proper working management systems. It shows they have good image. In return, if I am coming in as their vendor, supplier or service personnel, business wise I will ensure that I deliver good service to them and their customer. It’s mutual. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that the objective we are working together towards are met and achieved, as we are different businesses involved in this objective and with as good a business relationship with each other as possible.

My Company’s Website Has Been Messed Up

I am absolutely disappointed and upset with the company that is providing the hosting for my company’s website. The upgrade of my company’s website is supposed to integrate my blog and my website into one platform. They just messed it up and now their technical support team advise me to separate the blog into a different site apart from my website. In the first place, their marketing person were the one who gave the advise to use WordPress to create the website and the blog can be shown in the website itself. My blog posts can’t be shown in my company’s website now. Thank goodness the blog posts are still in the website (I definitely have backups of my blog posts) but it just refuse to be shown nicely in a webpage.


To me, regardless of whichever staff in whichever department of a certain company, then you’re all just from that company. To outsiders, who gives a shit about your internal department not being able to do a certain function. No one wants to hear your excuses that “it’s your colleague from another department who handles it” when you’re supposed to be providing support for issues faced by the user of your services/products.


The deal is this. The hosting is sponsored by my current hosting provider. I paid for my own domain names. In return, I give them advertisement and marketing in my website and social media. It’s not like they are giving me anything for free. I give back in return. In business, it’s some sort of a trade. From the beginning, they have received their worth of advertisement on my company’s website for their same amount of service/product given to me initially. They have received more than they gave actually because I threw in a blog post mention about their hosting and that blog post was also posted in my social media platforms, which amounted to much more than what their hosting package given to me was worth. It was only later that they upgraded my package and it was worth more. However, when they supposedly upgraded the package, it was then that more problems arise and their support for the website was worse than before. Shouldn’t upgrading means that it is better product, service and package ? It’s absurd !


I don’t mean to be an ungrateful bitch. I do notice that two or so of their support staff were helpful and gave good service. I need my website to be running smoothly and all the problems fixed though. When it’s causing problem and taking too much of my time plus energy to get something done which could have been done in an easier way had it not been for the wrong advises given, then I will be a real bitch about it. When you’re not providing the proper support and your services/products are causing damage to me and my company, I will REALLY be a bitch about it.


To make you understand my current situation better, let me give you an example of perhaps something that you can understand easily. Let’s say Missy gets sponsorship for clothes from a clothing company called Eleganto . Missy would be raving about Eleganto especially if their clothings are fabulous. However, if Eleganto’s clothes give Missy rashes, Missy would have the right to inform Eleganto and ask them to replace the clothes with the ones that don’t give her rashes. She can also request for Eleganto to pay for her medical claims if she saw a doctor for the rashes. If Eleganto doesn’t replace the clothes and still make Missy wear the clothes which give her rashes, then in my opinion, Missy can be vocal about it. She can rant about it, cancel the contract or sue.


I run a business, so I know that if there are complaints and if the fault is really from my company, I will bear the consequences and rectify it. There are, of course, some irrational customer(s) that just want to complain even if there is no fault but I do take the responsibility if the fault is really mine. I can see matters from both a consumer’s point of view and also a business point of view. I have dealt with some companies that are so irresponsible and they don’t keep their words. You’ll be surprised to know that some of these companies are big, international names from hotel, telco, clothing company to entrepreneurial types. Disgusting.


If only everyone and every company just carry out what they are supposed to do, then rectify problems that arise as best as they could, life would be so much easier.  I would prefer not to bitch about anything but somehow people take it for granted and give sub-par services/products or don’t keep their words. Why like that…


My initial website at actually showed all my blog posts as well as the pages I want (like about my company’s event services). So, I actually could have just pointed my domain to that website. It’s upon the advise of my website hosting provider and also after some consideration that I use WordPress. So, don’t go against your own advise albeit it is advise from another colleague of yours as I see all of you as one team.


Look, I’m not a young, inexperienced 13 year old anymore. I don’t just bindly follow every single advise given. I will take it into consideration before accepting it. I have brains and I use it. You might think I’m stupid and you can trick me. Think again. Oh, your brain is missing, is it. No wonder you can’t think. Sure, you might wrong me once and I just let it go. Not because I’m stupid but because I prefer to live my life in peace. I’ll be wary of those who have wronged me or prefer not to ever deal with that person ever again.


Back to my company’s website. At least the hosting company is replying and not gone AWOL but I would need all my websites running properly with no problem. Don’t drag the problem for too long. I have fixed some problems on my own. You’re dealing with someone who at least knows a bit about coding and CS/IT, so imagine if you needed to deal with a customer of yours who didn’t know anything about computer at all. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in that position. The agreement between the hosting company and my company is still in my hands. I would need to re-consider the terms. I wouldn’t enjoy dealing with something that gives so much problem when there isn’t a need and no proper fixing/support given. No one likes to ask questions and then left hanging without answers on the problem.


By the way, I draft most of my simple business agreements on my own. Putting my legal degree to good use. Referring to one of my previous blog post which talked a bit about my education past, Mummy and Daddy, I want to let you know that what I have studied for my CS/IT and Law did not go to waste. Don’t ever think that me leaving my legal or IT field is the wrong choice. Just let me lead my own life. Business is something I always knew I will go into someday and I am happy to be able to live this path in my life. I have actually imagined what I would be doing in my life and have arranged my life path in my head since I was young, even before going into college. Unfortunately some things didn’t go the way I wanted to; some out of my control and some due to my own fault for choosing the wrong things. Both of you didn’t need to force me to do or go into fields I didn’t want to. If only you all trusted my own decisions back then. Don’t go against me and there’s no point to salvage what is supposed to be in the past. Just believe in me and support what I choose in my life path from now onwards.


Website be fixed now, please. It’s just with the basic pages and I haven’t even grown it to be bigger yet, so there shouldn’t be so many problems.


I Got That Power

I have been designing my business website these few months, upgrading it from the previous website created using web designer to WordPress, where my business website now has not only web pages but also my business blog included together in one platform. Putting my Computer Science/Information Technology knowledge to use.


I still have it and can design a website, I’m glad to say. I don’t deny that I had some support from the tech team of my current web hosting eventhough sometimes they don’t give me a solution to the problem and I find it out myself through trial and error. It’s much easier to design a website now compared to the olden days (like more than 10 years ago) because back then you need to know C language, C++, Visual Basic and the sorts. Now you can easily search in Google for the html code and there are always the drag and drop features available in web designer softwares.


This website is also designed by myself, so I was handling the design of 2 websites, which I used WordPress to create. It took me a few hours to get this WordPress website up but for my business website, I took months to create the new website. I realise that the more important it is, the longer I take because I want to ensure that everything is presentable. It’s not that my personal website is not important, it’s just that it’s a place for me to express myself and perhaps look into growing it later but for now, it’s my business first.


Talking about Computer Science/IT, it wasn’t my chosen choice of study back then, it was my father’s. IT was beginning to be a growing industry back then and instead of putting me through A-Levels while I decide on my course of study, he thought that it would be better to just enroll me into a Diploma in Information Technology in a private college. I later upgraded and changed college so that I graduated with a Diploma in Computer Science/Information Technology instead. It was a study in both Computer Science and Information Technology instead of just IT. Best move I could have ever made back then because it was then that I discovered my love for studying.


Back in high school, I didn’t like studying, to be honest. I preferred extra-curricular activities and physical education. Not those type of “physical education” and “extra-curricular activities“. I was in a convent school, so it was not a co-ed school, though there are some lesbian activities and “extra-curricular activites” after school but let’s not talk about those now. I liked sports and the artistic curriculum like Rangers, dancing, aerobics and all. I didn’t like homework and sometimes I don’t do them. When you come out to the real world, as though history lessons are going to save your life when you’re trying to make ends meet in a month or knowing what C2O2H4 is, will do anything when you have a flat tyre in the middle of the road with no access to phone. It doesn’t help that our high school lessons are taught in Malay (except for English lesson) and our history lessons didn’t even cover much of world history. I think I learn more by watching 20 minutes of life hack lessons or documentaries online nowadays as compared to my whole 5 years in high school. When you’re forced to take stupid lessons that you’re just not interested in, it’s a waste of time.



My love for studying came during my Diploma in Computer Science/Information Technology, as I was saying. I developed the discipline to do my homework after classes. Before classes, I would wake up early in the morning to a light breakfast with TV, exercise, then another round of full breakfast before I go for my classes. Coding actually brought out the creative side where you can actually use your creativity to code and come up with a program the way you want to. The perfectionist side of me will arrange the code in very neat and uniform way, although at the end of the day, the codes won’t be viewed by the user. The user will only see the program but the one marking the code will be able to see the code and the program. There will always be the perfectionist side in me. This is actually a good thing for my customers because if I expect perfection in my things, they would be receiving a good service or product. It is hard and time consuming to achieve perfection to be honest, which I have learnt throughout time but it’s not harm to try and achieve it IF situation allows.


After graduating from my diploma, I was supposed to go to Australia to continue my studies. I got acceptance letters from different Australian universities but I just didn’t. Somehow, the course wasn’t what I wanted to do. I didn’t know about Mass Communications back then but it was something I would have been right for and have the interest in back then. Now, I wouldn’t be suited for that because I have the hard side of me which I already trained myself to be. So, my Mummy encouraged me to take law and I kind of bought the idea. With me knowing that I have developed the love for studying, I knew I could take on the challenge to study law. Law brings out the logical side in me. Too long being in the legal field drained my creative side and I became so hardened. I need a balance of both creative and logic. My Dad doubted me and asked if I’m sure I can do that. I can and it was through sweat and tears that I graduated with my LLB (Hons.) which is a degree in law. He wanted me to carry on after that and take my Bar (not the alcoholic kind of drinking bar but the English Bar, which is a prestigious certification for lawyers going to court). I told him I wanted to take my time off to work because I was just tired of being away from home and I was tired of studying so hard. I was studying in Newcastle-upon-Tyne back then. Situation was, he was going to retire and while he still had the finances, he said why don’t I finish off my Bar. Reluctantly, I carried on the next year. Besides, I got accepted into the qualification round of taking Bar. It wasn’t an easy process as not everyone gets selected to take the Bar – you have to answer a lot of questions in the many pages in the form and you have to pay to submit your entry. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass my Bar. I am thankful for the opportunity to study and take the Bar as I experienced the prestigious side of life and met many over-achievers in life like Queen’s Counsels. I even had the opportunity to meet the Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England during one of our education weekend trips to stay at the castle-like country house near to Windsor Castle but I didn’t take this opportunity as I didn’t attend the Sunday church mass when she came.


Mummy and Daddy, if you ever have the chance to read this post, please do not force me to do anything I don’t want. Looking back, I realised that if it’s a path that I choose for myself and I know I want it, I will be able to pull through and strive to achieve it, no matter what. However, if it’s not something that I want to do, I will be sufferingly dragging myself through it and it somehow ends up with me failing to achieve it. Thank you for the opportunities and for giving me the luxury of being able to study in private education especially overseas. I am grown up now. Just let me choose my own path in life. Many a times I know what I needed to do to move on to the next chapter in my life but many a times, you all had your own thoughts and actions for me. I have followed your instructions back then and I know it’s your money to spend for my education and life back then. It’s not always right, though and do listen to my reason why I choose to do what I need to do. Back then, I didn’t know how to reason and tell you why I would need to do something a certain way. We were taught not to speak up or even open our mouth (this was the way kids back in Gen-Y and those before that were brought up), unlike the irritating, stupid kids nowadays making noises and their stupid parents don’t shut them up. Nowadays, I don’t like children.


Let me give you an example of what would have been better for my studying years. I wanted to begin my Diploma in Law in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and take a twinning program to further my studies to Australia. The reason for this is so that I can get used to staying away from home and taking care of myself while I stay on my own. It would have been easier to try this out in KL, where I’m so near to my home in Penang and I can easily call for help with relatives in KL or always go back home to Penang. Then, once I adapted to staying on my own, I would have easily go on to stay on my own overseas. Your reason, Daddy, for me to take a twinning program instead in Penang and then to England, is so that you can save money on accommodation in KL. British pounds were rising and rose to the highest of all time back in 2005 to RM6+ for each GBP1, which so happened to be one of my years there. AUD were just at most RM4 for each AUD1 back then. Aside from financial calculations, it was also the emotional well-being part which you didn’t consider. As much as we were brought up to have no feelings, we are still human and have feelings. Having not been separated from my family at all and always having the pleasure of my family members surrounding me all my life (which was something I was really happy about last time) before I left to England, I was soooo homesick and probably nearing depression when I went to England. I remember binge eating all the time in my own room even after proper meals and just watching TV or sleeping all the time when I do not need to go for classes or meet up with friends. Sure, life was exciting with so many eye-opening experiences, new culture, new friends and it was a bright road ahead for me but being on my own for the first time without my family then, it was hard.


There was culture-shock, no denying but I got used to it in the end. If time can be turned back, I would change many things and I would especially change the people/partner in my life back then. I would choose and live my life differently. Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time. Even if we can, if we change history, there might be implications in life, which we always see in movies (don’t know how true are those movies). I know that there were many opportunities I could have taken and different paths I could have chosen.


Well, I am so used to being on my own now that I get so comfortable and wouldn’t want people near me at times. I also learn to speak up, let people know how I feel and reason/negotiate with them. Negotiation was one of the subjects we took for Bar but my forte was advocacy. Need to brush up on negotiation especially with being in business. As for binge eating, I don’t technically binge-eat but I do eat non-stop even in between meals nowadays. I have high metabolic rate. I’m still a size S and XS for US clothing, so I do take care of my fitness and outlook. Talking about that, I just had my exercise this evening and I loved it. It’s stretching, aerobics and mind clearing combined.


I began this post talking about my business website and I’m going to end it with that. It’s actually ready and all the essential pages are published. Do visit it at It’s a great feeling when you achieve what you want to do and it’s great to fit in some personal time for exercise too.


I got that power.