Looking at my old aerobics dance pictures on World Health Day

World Health Day 2020 just passed on 7 April 2020. The world is not very healthy at this moment. I look at some old pictures and reminisce when I can easily exercise outdoors. Now even without Covid-19 MCO, I can’t be exposed to the sun for too long outdoors and without protection. I love exercising and I still do it indoors, alone. Exercising is supposedly not good for those with eczema but I do it because it keeps me healthy, less stiff and makes my mind active. I just gotta find the right balance of not exercising excessively,

M.Y. Aerobics Dance choreography 1998
Aerobics is still my favourite exercise dance routine. This was my choreography in 1998, which made my sports house the winning team and we performed at Stadium Bandaraya Pulau Pinang. It’s not an empty field, the spectators are facing us, behind the camera, where they are nicely in the shade like puteri lilin, like they can melt in the sun. Now I inadvertently became one. 😊 It’s only us, athletes that’s usually out in the sun, that’s why I was always tanned when growing up. Always get questioned if I’m any other race but Chinese because they said I don’t look Chinese. I made sure to put sunblock, if not my skin would have been damaged much earlier. I wasn’t born super healthy with skin allergies but it was my lifestyle choices when younger that kept me preserved well until I got out of school and much damage done. I’m doing what I can now to reverse the damage including needing to remove people that’s not good for my life.
Gives me satisfaction when I look at the pictures because I’m proud of how this team managed to make the lines so straight. They didn’t come into the field in this straight line, they were in another formation and ran in a special choreographed movement to form this line, so for them to end up this straight, is good. I can see though, that some of them were slow and not dancing on beat, where they are supposed to be stretched out, some not there yet. Hmm… 😒 Everyone’s co-operation is needed to ensure they are dancing properly because one slow move will cause the whole team’s dance to be out of place and not look nice. No one wants a team member that causes the dance to be disrupted. We put in a lot of hours and months to practise and this paid off when we perform well. For me, if it’s a big group of people dancing, it’s all about the formation and being synchronised. The biggest group I had dancing at the same time was 40 people. It’s not crazy running around like headless chicken but I choreographed it to make them move in a beautiful flow so they ended up making a few formations all while they were doing aerobics. In the second picture, the formation is a ‘b” for Blue House, which is our sports house. No one else throughout my years in school has done this lettering formation during the aerobics dance competition until I did it. Then the next year, another competing team followed this and did their sports house lettering. Oh well, some people will just be copycats and follow what other people do. 🙄 Want to follow, can but I don’t like if I don’t get paid for it.
First year in highschool, I wasn’t the first one to join the aerobics team when they opened up for joining. I was actually the last one to join and missed their first training session. I had to stand by one side and learn the steps. One senior from the morning session (we were in the afternoon session) who’s not in the team came and said she wants to dance for fun. I told her I’m just learning for the first time, so I don’t know the steps yet and don’t follow me. She still followed then asked me why I don’t know the steps. I already told her don’t follow me. Learn, I did and never had I known that time that as years went on, I did aerobics so well that I am the one choreographing and leading them in competitions. I did it so well that upon my senior years in Form 4 and Form 5, I can sit crossed legged at home like Buddha, put on my Walkman headset (last time iPod not created yet) and the dance moves with 40 people are created in my head, then next day teach the team to aerobics dance. Up to the point I can even mix the song myself using a tape dubbing radio. Those tape cassette, old school style which youngsters nowadays won’t know that we need to rewind before we can play the song again. It’s also because my Dad was strict last time, I was supposed to be sitting there doing my homework and we weren’t allowed to be jumping around the house. Kids my era and before are brought up well-behaved. So I mastered the art of choreographing dance without needing to move. What’s imagined in my head comes to life. That’s why I always said, there’s a God inside each one of us. Greatness comes from within, not from outside or from anyone else.
I also learnt that when it comes to creative work, too many cooks spoil the soup. I’ve tried being in a team with a few Aerobics Captains choreographing – ended up with arguments, unnecessary stress. It’s best that I just do the creative work or choreograph it myself, then other parts I need or assistance from other captains, they will only giving their input when asked for. A special shoutout to Hafiza, one of the best leaders I’ve worked with. She doesn’t interrupt my creative process from letting me choreograph the dance moves on my own, choosing the song and what I want the team to wear. I can let her know my limitations on what I can do and she will be find a way or someone to handle the part I can’t handle.If no one can do it, say for example we couldn’t find enough tennis skirts for them to wear (because we were highschool students, not a tennis team), then I will adjust my part to see how I can fit some to wear skirts or some to wear other attires (as you can see in the picture why we have different overall attires). Back then, loose t-shirts and pants was the fashion trend. What were we thinking… I chose to wear long track pants although I have tennis skirts which I passed to other team members to wear because I wear the pants. 😉 I was wearing another layer of shorts inside my long pants because I had to run track events, so it’s faster for me to strip off the long pants or put it back on between track events and aerobics. I can still fit in my tennis skirts now but I don’t play tennis anymore. I just need to let her hear the music, she’s ok with it and she lets me know her decision promptly, I can carry on with my work.
She would be the ideal type of customer I want – just pay and let me do my work without micromanaging. I will respect you enough to keep you updated or make the decisions you need to make but you just need to get back to me promptly on your decision if not my work will be stuck and you’re at a loss because you can’t get the final product on time. If only more customers understand this. What’s even better is she recognises my hardwork and appreciates it. It can be helped that she happens to be older than me and be my senior by 1 year, so there’s the school hierarchy that she needs to be the captain, and I her assistant captain that year. However, when you give me the freedom to thrive, I will strive for the best and that year, we took the Aerobics competition trophy home for our sports house. We get to take home the trophy which was pretty huge and keep it for a while before returning it to the school because the school couldn’t afford to give us the trophy…What to do, school budget. It’s a tradition that the team and house winning trophies are returned to the school each year and passed on to the next generation. Only individual trophies like for track events, is ours to keep. Anyway, she told me to take the trophy back home to keep and display for a while because she said she didn’t do anything and it was my hard work. I’m really touched, she recognises my hard work and acknowledges it. A lot of bosses missing this skill. She makes a good boss too, if not a good customer. Plus, she talks ever so gentle to me. And she’s tall and pretty too. 😏 My respects to you, you’re so sweet and an amazing Ketua. Simple the best.
Moral of the story :
1.) Just because you’re late in a certain field or career path, doesn’t mean you won’t do well in it.
2.) If you’re the first to create something, doesn’t mean other people will respect copyright or originality and there will usually be infringement to intellectual properties, plagiarism and whatnot.
3.) Exercise is good for health.
4.) Enjoy the sun and outdoors while you can before you’re forced to be indoors against your own will.
5.) Please find your own tennis skirts. You want to look nice in those tiny short skirts (I know many were thrilled to be wearing those skirts instead of the pants and shorts we’re used to during school exercises), so put in the effort yourself. Last time I still have the patience to find them for you coz I was in school and money didn’t matter much to me but now, especially if it’s part of my business service and it falls under the sourcing category for events, I have fees. I put money first because I have learnt the importance of it.
6.) I’m tired of taking care of other people. Have you all thought that sometimes the person taking care of other people actually needs the care the most ? I need to take care of myself especially when I’m chronically ill now.
7.) I can exercise alone and indoors.
Thank you for reading this post and take care of yourself. Appreciate your good health while you still have it.

Fuss Free Online Shopping For Leg Wound Medication

Today I receive my parcel for my medicine purchased online. It’s also in time before my current medicine has finished. It’s a day to note down as this is when online purchase is done right and it’s fuss free. That should be the way.


From the selecting of products online,  to making payment, to the seller replying in timely and polite manner, to receiving the products as per the timeline mentioned. Making purchases online should be simple and ease the need to  travel to a shop to buy. Only minor problems are the online site that I purchased from didn’t send the messages through to the seller twice (don’t know if it’s Internet problem or their site got stuck) and because it was Thaipusam on Monday, so the post office was closed for the holiday, which made the delivery slower. No complaints as I received the medicine before my current medication finished. Some online shops take a few days to ship their items out, I noticed, despite them having their stock ready. I guess they need to pack the items into parcels/boxes and they might have a lot of orders. At least they state it clearly in their website how long it takes to ship it out.



One thing to note is that the time frame mentioned for shipping out an item doesn’t signify the days you’ll receive the items. For example, if they state 3 days to ship out the item, it means they will get the item ready to be sent by the post within 3 days. Then it will take another period for the courier company/ post office to send it out. If it’s fast, then the items will be received within the next day after the item is sent to post by the seller.


I’m gonna finish up my chitosan then it’s on to my new type of hydrogel for my chronic wound.


Currently my legs still need bandages but at least not as many bandages on the whole feet up to near ankle as previously. It requires secondary bandaging (gauze and all) as there’s still some discharge aside from the primary dressing (medication of chitosan or hydrogel that I’ve been using).


Medical Bandages, tapes for wound


My exercise was on a hiatus for the past few months due to my leg being in bandages, with only an exercise once in a week or two. Now I’m back to my daily exercise and loving it. I’m training my feet to flex, point and arch once again. Pretty painful. Just imagine I used to be able to flex it so well whenever I danced and exercised last time. I guess this is what patients go through when they go for physical rehab after not moving for some time. My feet and legs are as stiff as Steve Harvey’s weener when he has a full on erection. How would I know that, right… Well, if he has a fully functional weener, then that’s how dicks are like. 😁

I Got That Power

I have been designing my business website these few months, upgrading it from the previous website created using web designer to WordPress, where my business website now has not only web pages but also my business blog included together in one platform. Putting my Computer Science/Information Technology knowledge to use.


I still have it and can design a website, I’m glad to say. I don’t deny that I had some support from the tech team of my current web hosting eventhough sometimes they don’t give me a solution to the problem and I find it out myself through trial and error. It’s much easier to design a website now compared to the olden days (like more than 10 years ago) because back then you need to know C language, C++, Visual Basic and the sorts. Now you can easily search in Google for the html code and there are always the drag and drop features available in web designer softwares.


This website is also designed by myself, so I was handling the design of 2 websites, which I used WordPress to create. It took me a few hours to get this WordPress website up but for my business website, I took months to create the new website. I realise that the more important it is, the longer I take because I want to ensure that everything is presentable. It’s not that my personal website is not important, it’s just that it’s a place for me to express myself and perhaps look into growing it later but for now, it’s my business first.


Talking about Computer Science/IT, it wasn’t my chosen choice of study back then, it was my father’s. IT was beginning to be a growing industry back then and instead of putting me through A-Levels while I decide on my course of study, he thought that it would be better to just enroll me into a Diploma in Information Technology in a private college. I later upgraded and changed college so that I graduated with a Diploma in Computer Science/Information Technology instead. It was a study in both Computer Science and Information Technology instead of just IT. Best move I could have ever made back then because it was then that I discovered my love for studying.


Back in high school, I didn’t like studying, to be honest. I preferred extra-curricular activities and physical education. Not those type of “physical education” and “extra-curricular activities“. I was in a convent school, so it was not a co-ed school, though there are some lesbian activities and “extra-curricular activites” after school but let’s not talk about those now. I liked sports and the artistic curriculum like Rangers, dancing, aerobics and all. I didn’t like homework and sometimes I don’t do them. When you come out to the real world, as though history lessons are going to save your life when you’re trying to make ends meet in a month or knowing what C2O2H4 is, will do anything when you have a flat tyre in the middle of the road with no access to phone. It doesn’t help that our high school lessons are taught in Malay (except for English lesson) and our history lessons didn’t even cover much of world history. I think I learn more by watching 20 minutes of life hack lessons or documentaries online nowadays as compared to my whole 5 years in high school. When you’re forced to take stupid lessons that you’re just not interested in, it’s a waste of time.



My love for studying came during my Diploma in Computer Science/Information Technology, as I was saying. I developed the discipline to do my homework after classes. Before classes, I would wake up early in the morning to a light breakfast with TV, exercise, then another round of full breakfast before I go for my classes. Coding actually brought out the creative side where you can actually use your creativity to code and come up with a program the way you want to. The perfectionist side of me will arrange the code in very neat and uniform way, although at the end of the day, the codes won’t be viewed by the user. The user will only see the program but the one marking the code will be able to see the code and the program. There will always be the perfectionist side in me. This is actually a good thing for my customers because if I expect perfection in my things, they would be receiving a good service or product. It is hard and time consuming to achieve perfection to be honest, which I have learnt throughout time but it’s not harm to try and achieve it IF situation allows.


After graduating from my diploma, I was supposed to go to Australia to continue my studies. I got acceptance letters from different Australian universities but I just didn’t. Somehow, the course wasn’t what I wanted to do. I didn’t know about Mass Communications back then but it was something I would have been right for and have the interest in back then. Now, I wouldn’t be suited for that because I have the hard side of me which I already trained myself to be. So, my Mummy encouraged me to take law and I kind of bought the idea. With me knowing that I have developed the love for studying, I knew I could take on the challenge to study law. Law brings out the logical side in me. Too long being in the legal field drained my creative side and I became so hardened. I need a balance of both creative and logic. My Dad doubted me and asked if I’m sure I can do that. I can and it was through sweat and tears that I graduated with my LLB (Hons.) which is a degree in law. He wanted me to carry on after that and take my Bar (not the alcoholic kind of drinking bar but the English Bar, which is a prestigious certification for lawyers going to court). I told him I wanted to take my time off to work because I was just tired of being away from home and I was tired of studying so hard. I was studying in Newcastle-upon-Tyne back then. Situation was, he was going to retire and while he still had the finances, he said why don’t I finish off my Bar. Reluctantly, I carried on the next year. Besides, I got accepted into the qualification round of taking Bar. It wasn’t an easy process as not everyone gets selected to take the Bar – you have to answer a lot of questions in the many pages in the form and you have to pay to submit your entry. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass my Bar. I am thankful for the opportunity to study and take the Bar as I experienced the prestigious side of life and met many over-achievers in life like Queen’s Counsels. I even had the opportunity to meet the Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England during one of our education weekend trips to stay at the castle-like country house near to Windsor Castle but I didn’t take this opportunity as I didn’t attend the Sunday church mass when she came.


Mummy and Daddy, if you ever have the chance to read this post, please do not force me to do anything I don’t want. Looking back, I realised that if it’s a path that I choose for myself and I know I want it, I will be able to pull through and strive to achieve it, no matter what. However, if it’s not something that I want to do, I will be sufferingly dragging myself through it and it somehow ends up with me failing to achieve it. Thank you for the opportunities and for giving me the luxury of being able to study in private education especially overseas. I am grown up now. Just let me choose my own path in life. Many a times I know what I needed to do to move on to the next chapter in my life but many a times, you all had your own thoughts and actions for me. I have followed your instructions back then and I know it’s your money to spend for my education and life back then. It’s not always right, though and do listen to my reason why I choose to do what I need to do. Back then, I didn’t know how to reason and tell you why I would need to do something a certain way. We were taught not to speak up or even open our mouth (this was the way kids back in Gen-Y and those before that were brought up), unlike the irritating, stupid kids nowadays making noises and their stupid parents don’t shut them up. Nowadays, I don’t like children.


Let me give you an example of what would have been better for my studying years. I wanted to begin my Diploma in Law in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and take a twinning program to further my studies to Australia. The reason for this is so that I can get used to staying away from home and taking care of myself while I stay on my own. It would have been easier to try this out in KL, where I’m so near to my home in Penang and I can easily call for help with relatives in KL or always go back home to Penang. Then, once I adapted to staying on my own, I would have easily go on to stay on my own overseas. Your reason, Daddy, for me to take a twinning program instead in Penang and then to England, is so that you can save money on accommodation in KL. British pounds were rising and rose to the highest of all time back in 2005 to RM6+ for each GBP1, which so happened to be one of my years there. AUD were just at most RM4 for each AUD1 back then. Aside from financial calculations, it was also the emotional well-being part which you didn’t consider. As much as we were brought up to have no feelings, we are still human and have feelings. Having not been separated from my family at all and always having the pleasure of my family members surrounding me all my life (which was something I was really happy about last time) before I left to England, I was soooo homesick and probably nearing depression when I went to England. I remember binge eating all the time in my own room even after proper meals and just watching TV or sleeping all the time when I do not need to go for classes or meet up with friends. Sure, life was exciting with so many eye-opening experiences, new culture, new friends and it was a bright road ahead for me but being on my own for the first time without my family then, it was hard.


There was culture-shock, no denying but I got used to it in the end. If time can be turned back, I would change many things and I would especially change the people/partner in my life back then. I would choose and live my life differently. Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time. Even if we can, if we change history, there might be implications in life, which we always see in movies (don’t know how true are those movies). I know that there were many opportunities I could have taken and different paths I could have chosen.


Well, I am so used to being on my own now that I get so comfortable and wouldn’t want people near me at times. I also learn to speak up, let people know how I feel and reason/negotiate with them. Negotiation was one of the subjects we took for Bar but my forte was advocacy. Need to brush up on negotiation especially with being in business. As for binge eating, I don’t technically binge-eat but I do eat non-stop even in between meals nowadays. I have high metabolic rate. I’m still a size S and XS for US clothing, so I do take care of my fitness and outlook. Talking about that, I just had my exercise this evening and I loved it. It’s stretching, aerobics and mind clearing combined.


I began this post talking about my business website and I’m going to end it with that. It’s actually ready and all the essential pages are published. Do visit it at www.myleenterprise.com. It’s a great feeling when you achieve what you want to do and it’s great to fit in some personal time for exercise too.


I got that power.