CNY Cake on CNY 7th Day

Today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year. It’s a believe that everyone turns a year older today, so happy birthday to me, you and you and you and you….. basically everybody. 😄


My parents fried some “nin gou” (direct translation from Cantonese : “year cake”) which is  sweet glutinous rice cake. It’s also called the Chinese New Year (CNY) cake. It’s super sweet and sticky in texture. It’s one of the elements of  CNY which many must eat during CNY and it’s also used to be prayed to deities.


Chinese New Year cake @ nin gou, sweet glutinous rice cake


Do note note though that a lot of sugar is used to make this cake so it’s not wise to eat too much.


I have tried before the glutinous rice cake without sugar added in a Chinese restaurant and it’s mainly served as a dish or main meal with gravy, where it’s stir fried with vegetables, meat and salt is used instead. The glutinous rice cake has no taste and you eat it with the gravy, vegetables and meat for taste. It’s not sticky in texture and after eating a few pieces, I felt really full. It’s like rice, where there’s almost no favour. A better alternative to the sweet glutinous rice cake when there’s no sugar added.


For CNY, they need the CNY cake sweet, tradition wise. Let’s see when someone comes up with a healthier alternative. Some use brown sugar to make it but it’s still not any healthier because it’s still sugar.


My leg was healing well and in good, fast progress as I speed up the healing with some medication (natural ingredients, good ones) like hydrogel, chitosan and nano silver. I’m still using hydrogel. Come CNY, with feasts of meat, seafood, sweet desserts, cookies, snacks and the lot, leg started weeping and swelled up again. Not cool.


It didn’t help that I wore new clothes for CNY and despite washing it before wearing, it still caused allergic reaction to my skin. Some of these chemicals and dyes that they use to make the fabric and clothes are that toxic that it caused my skin to tear and seeped into my body. So much so that when I sweat, I could smell the fabric chemical and even when I don’t sweat, I could smell it and it must have absorbed onto my skin. I made some clothes for CNY, which I chose fabric that is suitable for my allergic skin. Some of the new clothes were given to me by my mother and sister. I wore a dark blue top for reunion dinner and new skirt with new undies, all dark coloured. It caused a bad reaction to my skin allergies. I notice that dark coloured clothes usually have a stronger chemical smell, not sure if it’s due to a stronger dye used to make the darker colour. Even with daily exercise, it took me about 3-4 days before the chemical smell was completely gone. I was exercising on the 3rd or 4th day of CNY and I was sweating, then I felt some pricklish pain all over my skin and I smelled the fabric chemical smell coming out.  It’s as though the chemical clogged up my skin pores and finally it was expelled when there was those uncomfortable, tingling sensation on my skin. Thereafter, my body felt cooler and my skin looked better with some open wounds closed up. I don’t know how much unwanted, toxic chemical was already absorbed into my body by then. Must be careful what you wear.


I previously stopped the nano silver spray, which is a disinfectant, as my leg was able to sustain the healing progress with just the hydrogel but with the recent events of the toxic fabric dye and too much of a heaty CNY feast, with the super hot weather in Malaysia, my leg began omitting yellow discharge and have open wound again. The wound was already in the process of completely drying up and growing the needed layers of skin but no thanks to these, it deteriorated the condition. I have to get the nano silver spray again. Previously I was using the nano silver spray concurrently with chitosan. After that I use hydrogel and with the nano silver, and then removed the nano silver.  Doing my research before using this, there are many that says it hasn’t been proven to be an effective medicine, while some said it doesn’t work at all while causing some to be poisoned and some said that it’s an effective old age remedy which only the rich can afford to use back in the 18th century. It works for me well as it dries up my weeping wound. I got the type that can be consumed aside from just external usage. Initially I was a bit apprehensive and was wary if I were to be poisoned. There was one time I had a slight sore throat and I tried spraying just a little into my mouth. Surprisingly, it helped to dislodge the phlegm stuck and my sorethroat was gone within 2 sprays in 1 day. Apparently some use it to treat mouth ulcers. It’s like magical water to me.


I increased my activated charcoal pill dosage as well and it helped me to expell the bad and excess waste in the body when I go to the bathroom. My bowel movement is pretty healthy as I can do my “big business” everyday but sometimes I feel that I have some more waste that I can get rid of. I love it when I go to the bathroom and all the waste are gotten rid of, then I come out feeling so light and like walking on air.


Anyway, have a great 7th day of CNY and happy birthday.


Fuss Free Online Shopping For Leg Wound Medication

Today I receive my parcel for my medicine purchased online. It’s also in time before my current medicine has finished. It’s a day to note down as this is when online purchase is done right and it’s fuss free. That should be the way.


From the selecting of products online,  to making payment, to the seller replying in timely and polite manner, to receiving the products as per the timeline mentioned. Making purchases online should be simple and ease the need to  travel to a shop to buy. Only minor problems are the online site that I purchased from didn’t send the messages through to the seller twice (don’t know if it’s Internet problem or their site got stuck) and because it was Thaipusam on Monday, so the post office was closed for the holiday, which made the delivery slower. No complaints as I received the medicine before my current medication finished. Some online shops take a few days to ship their items out, I noticed, despite them having their stock ready. I guess they need to pack the items into parcels/boxes and they might have a lot of orders. At least they state it clearly in their website how long it takes to ship it out.



One thing to note is that the time frame mentioned for shipping out an item doesn’t signify the days you’ll receive the items. For example, if they state 3 days to ship out the item, it means they will get the item ready to be sent by the post within 3 days. Then it will take another period for the courier company/ post office to send it out. If it’s fast, then the items will be received within the next day after the item is sent to post by the seller.


I’m gonna finish up my chitosan then it’s on to my new type of hydrogel for my chronic wound.


Currently my legs still need bandages but at least not as many bandages on the whole feet up to near ankle as previously. It requires secondary bandaging (gauze and all) as there’s still some discharge aside from the primary dressing (medication of chitosan or hydrogel that I’ve been using).


Medical Bandages, tapes for wound


My exercise was on a hiatus for the past few months due to my leg being in bandages, with only an exercise once in a week or two. Now I’m back to my daily exercise and loving it. I’m training my feet to flex, point and arch once again. Pretty painful. Just imagine I used to be able to flex it so well whenever I danced and exercised last time. I guess this is what patients go through when they go for physical rehab after not moving for some time. My feet and legs are as stiff as Steve Harvey’s weener when he has a full on erection. How would I know that, right… Well, if he has a fully functional weener, then that’s how dicks are like. 😁

Mōdere Brunch & Browse Event

I was invited to an event by my newly found friends, Sabine and John and I attended their event last Sunday. The event was hosted by them and it was their Mōdere Brunch & Browse event.


Sabine and John are expatriates living in Penang, Malaysia and they were previously staying in Australia. Sabine is German and John is British. Sabine promotes healthy living and she calls herself an “independent social marketer and live clean practitioner”. Both Sabine and John promotes and sells Mōdere products.


Mōdere is a brand selling, quoting their description in their website, “lifestyle essentials—personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed“. They have been selling for 25 years. Basically this company produces products that respects health and the environment where they do not use harmful ingredients such as sodium laurate sulfate, parabens and petrolatum, to name a few. They promote living clean.


Sabine and John at their home in Penang, Malaysia with their display of Mōdere products on the table behind.


During their event, they served some food, fruits, biscuits and drinks. Sabine made her quiche which was delicious and she also made some honey oats biscuits which I had with spoonfuls of yoghurt. She served me some herbal tea and water.


I spent some time with Sabine and John to chat with them plus get to know them better. They were real fun to be with, as Sabine and John are a jovial couple who like to make funny remarks towards each other.


Sabine is a cancer survivor and she also had a family member who was suffering from a long term illness, whom she managed to heal through natural remedies. When she was telling me about her believes in health and natural remedies for illness, I can relate and understand how important health is. I agree to natural products and supplements consumption for better health.


Commercial medicine that harms more than it heals is actually not good for health. I don’t deny that some medicine prescribed by doctors helps to decrease illness symptoms or heal some illnesses but it is important that these medicine were tested and ensured they do not cause harm more than healing. Take for example, the anti-histamines that I take for my allergies, they help to contain my inflammation and I was assured by my dermatologist that they don’t harm my kidneys in the long run. I don’t take steroids for my skin allergies because I noticed they don’t help to heal my skin and it’s actually not good for health. I tried the steroid cream previously but not oral steroid and I realise that the steroid thins my skin, making it harder to heal. My skin is actually much better without any steroid cream application and it can heal on its own.  I also use very natural products on my skin and consume natural products like coconut oil which helps to heal my health as well.


Talking about health and natural products, Sabine made a smoothie shake using Mōdere products for me to drink. She used a whole bottle of the Beauty Nectar, a bit of aloe vera, Hawaiian Noni, Mineral Solutions, Chocolate Protein, all of which are Mōdere products and also a bit of coconut water.



The smoothie was very flavourful. During my first sip, I could taste many different flavours, from sweet to sour, chocolatey to tangy and the after-taste of coconut water. After drinking a few more sips, I got acquainted to the taste and it was delicious. I couldn’t get enough of how rich and smooth the smoothie shake was.



The Beauty Nectar contains milk according to what I saw written on the bottle. I’m actually allergic to dairy but I notice that I can consume dairy without allergic reaction if the dairy is fresh (like fresh cow’s milk) and of good grade. If milk is included into food products, sometimes I can take certain products without allergic reaction. It might be due to how they process the milk or the amount of dairy content in the food product is at a certain level where I can consume without any allergic reaction. After drinking the smoothie, to be honest, it gave me a bit of wind in the tummy but it didn’t cause any allergic reaction. This means that the milk they use is of relatively good quality.


It seems like it’s worth a try for these Mōdere products. We can check them out together. I have registered as a customer of their products. It seems that they have this “Share The Love” program where if you register as a new customer and use my referral code, you can get RM15 with your first purchase. There is a minimum purchase of RM50 and your RM15 credit is valid for 30 days. Here’s my code : 1079739.

Here are the links that can bring you to their website :