No Rice Diet and About Unspoken Energy Connection

I’ve been trying a new no rice, less red meat diet where I cut out rice from my daily meals and eat almost no red meat directly. Directly meaning I eat the red meat as it is but I still consume it indirectly like drinking bone broth (good source of collagen).


I still eat noodles, which sometimes is made of rice but in a lesser portion plus I make sure I eat it earlier on in my day and I substitute rice with bread or light snack for my night time meals. Rice can spike up your blood glucose level and convert into sugar in your body. I still consume fruits, vegetables and fish as usual. It has helped tremendously to dry out my wound and there’s less weeping.


Last night while I was in bed, I was thinking about eating chicken soon, some sort of craving perhaps as I was having less meat these days. Today, when I came to the dining table, my Mummy made her steamed herbal chicken with herbs and longan. It’s like she can sense my craving and she delivered one of the best dish possible. She didn’t buy or make fried chicken but instead she made her steamed chicken with herbs which is healthy and delicious. The juice from steaming the chicken was so sweet and delicious, plus it has a lot of collagen from the chicken bones.



It’s like she knows. Perhaps she didn’t deliberately make the steamed chicken for me but she just thought about making it and it so happened that I was thinking of wanting to eat some chicken today. You know how sometimes things just so happened and you happened to be in the right place at the right time ? Perhaps it’s some telepathic communication and unexplained energy of thought waves. For something interesting about thoughts and energy, have a look at this video :



I lived inside my Mummy’s belly for about 9 months. Sometimes mother’s knows best what’s good for us. Not always, but sometimes. I have evolved while growing up and always changing while aging, so I might not be the same girl she took care of when young. It’s like she always has a sense of what I’m doing and how I was feeling.


I recall when I was in school, I was quite active outdoors and sometimes I fall down, scraping my knees. When I got home, I always have to hide my bruise and wounds like wearing my long pants after bathing and try to walk as naturally as possible. That’s because my father will scold me if he knows that I fell down. Crazy right, to have a parent like this. Like we purposely find a hole in the ground and then throw ourselves into that hole to scrape our knees. Not only he didn’t ask if it hurts, I get scolded and worse still, he didn’t try to heal my wounds. Every person that’s sporty growing up will definitely have incidents where they have scrapes and bruises along the way. My Mummy will take a look at me and knew. She will ask me if I fell down. I’ll ask her how did she know. It’s because she’s observant enough to know that I’ll usually wear shorts around the house back instead of long pants and also from the way I walk, no matter how natural I try to walk in that pain. Imagine it’s already painful, still need to wear long pants which will scrape my open wound more than ever and cause more pain. 🤕 Maybe that’s why I grow up strong when it comes to attending to my own illness because I attend to my own wounds and don’t tell others about it. When my Mummy and Grandma knew about my wounds back then, they will try to heal it. Most of the time they will use traditional medicine which is good in a way because it’s natural like soaking the wound in anti-bacterial leaves or they’ll give me plasters to cover up my wounds. Traditional medicine is mainly slower in healing than modern chemically induces medicines but they don’t cause any side effects. I didn’t use much of acriflavine (that yellow solution), potassium permanganate (that purple solution they give at hospitals which will turn pinkish when you mix with water) or sodium chloride which they usually administer at hospitals nowadays. I come to discover that some of these solutions like acriflavine will cause skin allergies if you use it. I thought it was because my skin was super allergic but upon further reading online, I found a few cases of other patients who got the same allergies. Some even have their dissipated after using acriflavine for a longer period. Instead of protecting and closing wounds, it made the skin erode which is counter-productive from what it’s supposed to do which you got the acriflavine solution in the first place to heal your wounds. That’s just like how some people are in life so my tips to you : please remove those toxic people and things from your life.


Anyway, I always believe my Mummy and I will always have an unspoken connection that connects us even when we don’t speak out our feelings. You won’t have this kind of connection with everyone in your life, so please improve on communication skills instead. That’s why she’s my Mum, that’s why I love her.



You're Unwanted

I learnt the term ‘debridement’ when I was healing myself and my wounds. Debridement is a medical term which means “surgical removal of foreign matter and dead tissue from a wound“, according to


When a wound is in the process of healing, there are skin that will dry up and became detached from your wound but still hangs on to the other part of your good skin, which is dead skin. I used to think that keeping these skin will cover the open wound up but it doesn’t as it kind of flap about to reveal the open wound. If I apply any medicine or moisturise the wound area, these dead skin takes up moisture or the medicine, hence I need to remove them so my wound can get the moisture and medicine instead. Sometimes these dead skin causes the wound to become infected as it doesn’t even protect the open wound. It’s basically useless.


Upon daringly removing those dead skin, dead tissue and dried yellow discharge from my wound, revealing a very raw wound where sometimes I can see the whitish flesh area in my skin, it was then that my wounds especially on my feet started to heal. My feet has been slowly but surely healing and improving, just some parts of my left feet is still not healing that well. I can proudly say that I have removed the second dressing from my right feet for weeks now and it can sustain with primary dressing from my hydrogel medicine.


So just like a physical wound on your body, there are matters in your life which might be troubling you and you should debride what or who that is causing it. Get rid of the unwanted in your lives. You’ll be happier that way.


You're Unwanted