Spring Cleaning

I woke up before 9am this morning. It’s a big difference from my usual waking up in the afternoon because I work and I don’t go to sleep until early in the morning at 5am. Sometimes I’m still awake at 7am.


Some people are more productive at night. Apparently those who are night owls are smarter (according to research and online articles, not my own self-praise). My body have gotten used to the night owl time. The only thing is I need to ensure I can still wake up and contact those working office hours before they get off work. I was doing fine for the past 2 months with this timing, so it wasn’t too bad.


I’m sitting here now stoning because of the lack of sleep and it’s just too early for my sleeping time. It’s counter-productive to be awake early but not being able to think or move. Better to have enough of sleep and then brains can work properly. I usually get at least 8-10 hours of sleeping time.


So, this morning I was hungry and cooked breakfast. I made spaghetti cooked in garlic, egg, turmeric and cheese, then sprinkled with rosemary and mint. Here’s the picture of my spaghetti which is also found in my Instagram.



Update : Decided not to stone, I’ll be up and moving. My stoning is sitting down and barely moving while not able to think much, not that I take some form of drugs to stone. The only drugs I do now is anti-histamine and Vitamin C. Going out of the house for the first time after a month or so of staying in. Soaked up some Vitamin D and testing my skin’s resistance to the outside pollution, air and sun.


I had vegetarian lunch with my parents. It has been more than 2 years since I last went out with the two of them during weekday lunch. As for weekend lunch, we usually go out as a family and it has been more than 6 months since I last went out with them. My skin allergies make it extremely painful to go out and especially if I’m not in my own car where I can control the air conditioning as I like, it’s harder. In my car, I need to set the aircon to the coldest setting then when my skin and body temperature is cooler, I can set the aircon to less cold.


My vegetarian lunch of soya barley fuchuk dessert and vegetarian laksa (masuk my stomach already).


When I went out today, my skin allergies were not as bad as previously, with a bit of hives and slight inflammation when exposed to the sun. Previously my skin would flare up badly with big patches of hives all over my body especially on the arms and legs. It’s a pretty hot day in Penang with sunny, blue sky and fluffy clouds. My skin survived and reacted not too bad today. I’m satisfied with how much it has healed and will continue healing it.



Today is the first day of the last month in the Chinese calendar month. It’s one more month before it’s Chinese New Year. That’s why there was spring cleaning today. It will be Chinese New Year before you know it.

Wendy’s At Design Village

Wendy’s has been growing rapidly and they have been opening quite a few outlets in Penang. The first was at Sunrise Tower in Penang island, then followed by their branch at Design Village on the mainland side of Penang and later on another one at Juru. I visited the one at Design Village.


This is the menu for Wendy’s food and beverages selection. There’s quite a lot of selection for your to choose from.


This is the lunch crowd in the afternoon. The place was packed and the tables were occupied.


Panoramic view of Wendy’s at Design Village before the crowd came in.


The friendly manager at the outlet, Zul (right) and also the friendly staff from their management (left).


Zul recommended the Chicken Mushroom Melt Supreme, which I had the combo meal with a side dish of curly fries and a soft drink. I had an extra side order of frosty float (seen on the left side of the tray).


The Chicken Mushroom Melt Supreme was really supremely filled with cheese and melted all over the thick slab of chicken meat. The flavours were so delicious when you eat a mouthful of the burger combined with the mushrooms in it plus the meat was so succulent. The presentation of the food was neatly simple and Wendy’s might be considered a fast food outlet but the taste could match some of the finer restaurants or even better. The burger buns were nicely toasted and not burnt.


I also ordered the Chickenator Dawg and another Chicken Mushroom Melt Supreme (because it was so delicious) for takeaway for dinner along with side orders of nachos and mashed potatoes plus Twisted Oreos. I went off for shopping after that as they prepared the food. The managers and staff were so nice to give me a call when the food was ready to be collected.


Look at the cheese galore on the hot dog, which they were definitely not stingy with their food.


I told them I wanted to take away to bring home for my family to try the food and they were so kind to give me generous, big scoops of the mashed potatoes. Love it so much.


Quoting Sydney Quays, Director of Wendy’s Malaysia, “… here we are today in Design Village, Penang where we aim to share the Wendy’s experience… ”. According to Wendy’s management team, this outlet “has a seating capacity of 86 pax at a time complete with its minimalist design to give it a more modern look and feel to our customers while enjoying our quality products… At Wendy’s, quality is our recipe“.


Wendy’s, from my experience during my visit to your outlet, I have to give it to you that your food and service is of a high quality, indeed. Thank you for your delicious food and great service.

My Lunch

This is for my lunch yesterday.






2 pieces of cake…


Plus some muruku snacks. I love food. I used to eat to live but now it’s a good balance of live to eat and eat to live. However, when I’m busy, then sometimes forget to eat.