Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Chap Goh Meh

So today is the last day of Chinese New Year 2018. I haven’t been posting for quite a while. I have been busy with business, Chinese New Year visits and also personal life. Many has happened during these few weeks.


Anyway, before the 15th day of CNY is over, I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and hope you had fun celebrating Chap Goh Meh.


Here’s sharing a picture from a blog post at Myle Enterprise, which is about Chinese New Year table decoration. The decorated table in the ‘After’ part of this picture is pretty, I must say. For more details, visit https://myleenterprise.com/chinese-new-year-table-decoration/.


CNY Table Decoration
Chinese New Year table decoration

Centrepiece Decoration for Sabine and John

2 weeks ago, I attended Mōdere Brunch and Browse event, which I wrote about here. The event was held at their Straits Quay Condominium in Penang, Malaysia. I just thought it would be nice to bring a gift to Sabine and John’s home, as it is my first time visiting their residence. So I gave them a centrepiece decoration from Myle Enterprise which they can use to display at their event table and they can use it as decoration after the event.



In Malaysia, it is customary for certain race to bring a souvenir or gift when visiting their acquaintance, friend or family’s home, during their first visit or during celebration. I don’t meant to talk about race here, which some might avoid and think it’s rude to talk about race but this is good information for those who didn’t know. Not everyone practices this and some just bring themselves when invited to a friend’s home for celebration. You don’t have to bring something every single time you visit someone’s home and definitely you don’t need to bring something if you’re going to a place for business or meeting. It’s totally up to you.


For this case, although it is a business event I was attending, I was going to stay on after that to have a chit chat with Sabine and this is the first I’m visiting the place they stay, so I thought it would be nice to bring something. Their place was beautifully decorated and so clean. Sabine showed me around the condo and her bedroom was so pretty with a fairytale queen-like bed headboard and matching dressing table set. She did tell me about the people staying above her unit being noisy and I heard loud noises while I was there. I sympathize with her as I understand how horrible it feels to be staying at a place with inconsiderate people making loud noises, affecting other units. It’s quite shocking as Straits Quay is a high-end area and their residences are luxury range, so there would have been better behaved people and management to take care of these kind of unwanted nuisance. I hope someone does something about that noise at her place and stop it so that Sabine and John get to live comfortably.


I really enjoyed my time with them that day. We took some pictures that day at their products display table and also on the centrepiece.


Here is one of Sabine with her Mōdere products and the centrepiece.



The centrepiece is actually supposed to resemble a gold-centred flower bouquet from an artistic point of view. It is a unique handmade piece, which is making it’s first preview and Sabine got it. Aren’t you lucky, Sabine ?



Sabine and John started goofing around and turned the centrepiece into a microphone where they started to sing and talk with it. I have to say, the centrepiece does somehow resemble a microphone as well.



The first time I met Sabine and John, they were dressed up for one of  Internations’ event, which I wrote an article about at Myle Enterprise‘s blog. It was a casual setting for their event at their home that day. Sabine speaks about living a good, healthy life and together with John, she promotes Mōdere products.


Thank you, Sabine and John, for inviting me to your event that day, for your time spent with me and letting me try your Mōdere products. I had a great time with the scrumptious food you prepared and for your wonderful hospitality.

World Egg Day and Friday the 13th

It’s World Egg Day today (13 October 2017), so I wish you a Happy Egg-ilicious Day. This is the blog post in Myle Enterprise’s blog about eggs; basically how you can cook and order your eggs at restaurants : https://myleenterprise.com/world-egg-day/. Pretty useful article so you know how to order your eggs, whether you want them scrambled, hard boiled, soft boiled or what you desire.


It’s also Friday the 13th today. Supposedly Friday the 13th is an unlucky day but it has been a lucky day for me. I received early birthday presents, cards and angpow from my sisters when I woke up. Love it. Thank you !


A picture of Carrots with my birthday presents.


Me with my birthday presents.