When You Had A Good, Long Sleep

Good sleep… who doesn’t love it. I slept for 9 hours without waking up at all and prior to that I slept 3 hours but it was interrupted sleep. It has been a long while since I slept so long. I can sleep for 10 hours everyday without even waking up in between last time. ¬†However, due to my eczema and skin allergies, I have been having interrupted sleep for the past few months. I sleep for 3 hours and get woken up by the itch or sometimes every hour. Sometimes it’s itchy, so I have to scratch it and sometimes it’s painful, so I need to re-apply moisturisers on my skin.


It doesn’t help that I managed to change my sleeping time to sleeping only at 5am or 7am in the morning for the past year or so and I have been trying to change my sleeping time back to normal (like sleeping at 12am and waking up at 9am). It made my condition worse, actually because I felt like I was an insomniac by forcing myself to sleep when my mind and body is not sleepy, so I kept waking up. Then my skin got worse when I have lack of sleep because it’s not continuous sleep where your mind and body can repair.


Why do I sleep only at 5am or 7am ? I find that my mind works better from midnight onwards and it’s just amazing that there will be so much less noise. I hate my neighbours because they are fucking inconsiderate and they keep making stupid, irritating noises everyday. It’s not the normal sounds like how people would live, say once in a while they open the room door or there’s some activity in the living room. It’s so fucking irritating that they are dropping something on the floor every few minutes or so or the idiots at the floor below will be banging the ceiling so loud that the floor shakes every now and then. The idiot that keeps dropping their nonsense have Parkinson disease and keep dropping their shit self on the floor every few minutes or so ? They would have died and just piss off from here then, to which I will be so thankful and happy (hallelujah !). Then the floor below has an idiot that climbs to the ceiling and hit their shit head on the ceiling ? How stupid. I don’t even drop anything on the floor every few minutes or so, so what the hell is that stupid knocking on the ceiling for ! I have seen devices being sold where you can put it on the ceiling and let it vibrate non-stop. The idiot from the floor below should just move in to another place with the idiot staying at the floor above, so they can both keep making their noise and see who dies first. Get out of my life. They contribute to the interruption of my sleep and I hate them so much. Fucking inconsiderate. When I am so tired, I can just sleep and freaking ignore them but still, who wants stupid, inconsiderate garbage-waste-worthless-kind of neighbours around. No one.


Anyway, I have now let myself sleep when I want to and it works so well for my skin condition. It is repairing well with less skin peeling. It is still reddish, with temptation to inflame and there are still skin peeling plus breakage on certain parts but it has healed so much better now. I realise that it’s better for me not to force myself to change my sleeping time when my body and mind doesn’t work together. Until a time when my body gets better with less allergies and then I can slowly tune my mind so that I can discipline it to sleep at a normal time. I know I’m a night owl now, which is a trait of people who are creative. I can’t deny that and I accept it. I would need to wake up at an earlier time instead of 4pm/6pm, though because business wise, I need to correspond with those working local office hours, reply e-mails and get to appointments at places where they get off work by 6pm or so. There are those in the night business or those that don’t mind attending to calls/e-mails after office hours which I can still deal with but it’s harder to reach those with office numbers after they are off work.


For now, I’ll heal myself first until a point I can be fully energised and not be interrupted by my allergies be it sleeping hours or waking hours, then I can change what I need to change. I have been making good changes to my business and life this year, so I’m doing well. I will get better and better and better and better…


You’ll feel like singing this when you had sufficient, good sleep.


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