World Vegetarian Day And Getting Sick Finally

It’s World Vegetarian Day today. I started my day with oats, cake, fruits and my Mummy boiled a herbal drink for me.



The herbal drink is called Bai Hua She She Cao (Oldenlandia or Heydyotis). It’s supposed to clear body heat, promote urination, used for intestinal abscesses, toxic sores and a few other illnesses. I requested for no sugar to be added. I can’t taste anything too, as my nose is blocked.



I finally fell sick. I had blocked nose since earlier on this week and went to GH on Thursday. I am totally disappointment and upset with them. Firstly, I had an appointment with the ENT doctor and I had to go to the X-Ray department, which he told me to go first as I was pressed for time. When I went back to ENT, the doctor has already left. I feel he’s  irresponsible. I already told him there’s a possibility that I will go past 5pm, which is the time the clinics close and checked if he would be able to wait or not. He said to go to the X-Ray department first and yet he just left before I even made it back to ENT. Aside from my matters at ENT, I needed decongestant for my blocked nose as I had difficulty breathing. The nurses at ENT told me to go to the A&E instead.


A&E was terrible. I had to wait from 5pm and only left the hospital past 12 midnight. They let an officer ask me about my illness (after waiting for 3 hours plus) and then I was told to wait some more. My skin started cracking while waiting despite them having aircon turned on. It might be because the doors are not closed, letting the aircond escape or the place is really dirty. It doesn’t help that inconsiderate, stupid parents kept letting their stupid children wail their lungs out, making it so noisy. I waited a while more after that and I couldn’t wait too long as I had errands to run and the shops will close soon.  I also needed to meet up with my insurance agent to sign a form. I left and made sure I told them I’ll be back for my appointment with the doctor.


I only had about an hour to drive out to KOMTAR and also Prangin Mall to run my errands and get what I needed. One of the items I needed was my iPhone’s USB cable as my previous cable is already worn out and wasn’t charging properly causing my phone’s battery to be fully drained one day. When my phone wasn’t turned on, my alarm didn’t ring and it caused me to miss appointments. Nowadays, we rely a lot on our smartphones and when it doesn’t function, we feel like something is missing.


I managed to get everything done except for one item, which is my extra virgin coconut oil for consumption. I still have but running out and I prefer to have my oil and supplements stocked. Went to Cold Storage a week or so ago but they only have small bottles. I usually buy the 1 litre bottles. At my last stop before I went back, I grabbed a mini pizza, which can be held in my hand and eaten while I do my things.


I went back to the hospital and told them I’m back. The nurses and doctors are really poor in their communication as they couldn’t reply properly and there were discrepancies in the statements given by different doctors/nurses. When I left the hospital, I already felt bloated with air and with the delay in eating, I had more air inside. As usual, I have to wait some more and they took another 2 hours plus before the doctor can see me. By then my skin was itching really badly and inflamed. This doctor is terrible as I told her I have a certain anti-histamine and she didn’t need to prescribe that to me. I’m actually immune to that medication. Yet when I went to the pharmacist to collect, she prescribed that medicine, no decongestant and some other irrelevant medication such as saline to wash eye. I have a blocked nose, not blocked eyes. What the fuck is she doing ? The pharmacist told me they don’t have decongestants, which the doctor didn’t even bother to mention. As for the saline, the pharmacist said to drip it into my nose. I asked her would that even clear my blocked nose. She said it might be able to clear the dust or histamine making my stuffy nose blocked. It was such a small bottle and one drip into each side of my nose doesn’t even let the saline drop flow anywhere in the nose ! Obviously it didn’t work. What the fuck is wrong with these idiots ?!


This incident proved my biasness against General Hospital in Malaysia right – that they are really that inefficient and terrible. I don’t deny that I met some caring, good doctors throughout my visits to Penang General Hospital but it was the doctors or nurses themselves as a person, that is good. Not the system, administration, or generally the way the staff works in GH. It seems like many private hospitals and clinics are also inefficient and not good nowadays (speaking from experience). I wonder if it is due to the rise in the number of patients with illnesses that make these medical places drop in their service, quality and professionalism.


After my stop at the GH’s pharmacist, I was just tired and wanted to go home as my skin was itching badly. With all these wait and my time wasted, I’m just very upset with GH. If a person is going to die, they might have died already with all the wait. A&E – Accident and Emergency. Emergency my ass. A good night’s sleep would probably do more good to heal me than these idiots at the GH’s A&E. I was healing alright until yesterday, when my body finally break down and I became officially sick. I wanted to exercise but when I started to exercise, my body felt cold from inside and I had to stop with the pain starting. After that it heated up from inside and I felt painful all over where even the slightest move of my body will result in pain. I just let the pain out and quickly got ready to sleep. I was expecting fever but somehow, the fever cannot break through to the outer layer of my skin and it was just heated up inside. I drank a lot of water, passed urine and got rid of excess phlegm through coughing and blowing my nose. It felt so good everytime the phlegm gets out of my body and I get rid of it. It was the first time in many months that I finally cannot feel any itch on my skin at all especially during my sleep and it felt good despite there was pain inside my body. Today I could dedicate more time to my business and do more than I could the past few weeks.


Call me weird but I have never felt so happy to fall sick. Finally ! Last time I remember for a certain period, every year in September/October, right before my birthday, I will fall sick and after that I will heal then feel so much more alive. It’s like my body’s yearly regeneration, getting rid of toxic and it has a body clock of it’s own. For 2 years, I couldn’t fall sick from the inside (meaning just the exterior skin allergies). This came after I expressed what I needed to on my blog. I don’t want to keep any pain in anymore and I definitely do not want to be bullied into silence. I’m healing.


There’s more for me to say but it will come along as time goes, I cannot write everything in one blog post. I’m not going to pretend and tell you things are good when it’s not, why should I suck up to you ? If you are really pretty, then I don’t see why I can’t tell you you’re pretty (I’m not sucking up but telling facts) but if you’re really ugly, then I’m not going to pretend and tell you you’re pretty. I choose to see the better side and comment on it but if you get on my nerves then I can pick on your bad points (like if you’re dumb, then I’ll tell you you’re really dumb and please fuck off). I’m not a loose cannon and just simply go tell people their bad points for no reason or make a lot of noise for the fun of it. If I don’t see a point in even commenting as I might find the situation or person too stupid, then don’t take my silence for granted and think you can step all over me. I prefer not to waste my time.


I’m going to get some rest now. I need more healing. So glad my body and mind is healing better now.


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